What Does Websense Endpoint Do?

Large enterprises and service providers typically deploy Websense endpoints to deliver web-based applications, intranet portals, email servers, chat services, and more.

A website endpoint is usually a server that provides content, software, or other services to end-users. 

Websense endpoint technology provides organizations with security and control capabilities that extend beyond the organization’s firewall. Websense endpoint solutions enable organizations to protect users from malicious web-based content and any known or unknown vulnerabilities on websites, emails, instant messaging (IM), or other online communication.

What Is Websense Endpoint?

Websense endpoint is software that is used to protect your company’s data against cyber threats. It can be used to proactively identify, delete, and control unsafe internet content before it enters the network. Websense Endpoint Security provides comprehensive malware protection for Windows-based computers to keep them safe from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, bots, and keyloggers.

Websense endpoints can be used to block websites that are deemed unsafe by the admin. Websense endpoint blocks access to pornographic web content, malicious web content, and untrustworthy SSL certificates that may fall into these categories. Websense endpoint can allow parents to block unwanted websites from children, like gambling or pornography. To read more about it in detail, press here.

What Does Websense Endpoint Do?

Websense endpoint is one of the most easy-to-use measures of cyber security. This made it perfect for small business owners who just wanted to encrypt their data, block spam or malicious websites, and detect when their systems breach unauthorized access. Anyone can set it up. No special technical skills are needed.

Websense endpoint is intuitive online security software that keeps your computer free of malware and viruses, blocks spam emails, manages the websites you go to, detects intrusions into your system, and encrypts sensitive information. It is a cloud-based solution that requires nothing to download or install. It is entirely safe to use since it doesn’t affect your computer’s performance.

Why Should You Use a Websense Endpoint?

There are numerous reasons why websense endpoints should be installed. Websense endpoint is a trusted, globally recognized cyber security company that has been around since 1994. 

It’s one of the most easy-to-use measures of cyber security. Websense endpoints make it very easy for small business owners to encrypt their data, block spam or malicious websites, and detect when their systems are breaching into unauthorized access. 

It is a cloud-based solution that requires nothing to download or install. It is entirely safe for use since it doesn’t affect your computer’s performance. Websense endpoint gives you complete control over your company’s cyber security and your email.

When Should You Use The Product And How Much Does It Cost?

Websense Endpoint is a product that protects against cyber-attacks. The use of the product should be conducted on an internet-facing server. Websense Endpoint can protect your entire network without any configuration changes. This product costs $1,700 for the first year and $275/year after that.

New technologies enable cybercriminals and hacktivists to attack your organization and community from anywhere in the world. Websense Endpoint protects against web-based attacks, malware, and ransomware before they can compromise your organization’s network and potentially inflict damage on critical systems.

Is Websense Endpoint Right For Your Company And Why Or Why Not?

Websense endpoint is an essential tool that provides you with the safety to prevent hackers from attacking your company. Websense endpoints block malware and viruses, defend against attempts by hackers to steal data, and block phishing websites where sensitive data is stolen. It also enforces email compliance such as HIPPA and PCI-DSS by blocking unwanted emails containing spam or fraud.

Websense endpoints can be installed on a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or server. Websense endpoint also allows you to implement custom policies to block websites not included in the Websense standard website database. The administrator can select which sites are allowed or blocked, for all users within the company, by country and category.


Websense endpoint is an advanced web filtering solution that helps organizations control and protects their data from unauthorized access. Websense endpoint provides a comprehensive, integrated security platform to ensure your organization’s network remains secure at all times.  

With websense endpoints, you can quickly identify threats even before they reach the corporate network so that you can prevent attacks on sensitive information. In addition, this software also uses behavioral analytics technology to detect suspicious activity as it happens.  

You’ll know if there has been any unusual or potentially malicious behavior by employees with websense endpoints installed because the system will deliver detailed reports about what happened and who was involved even when those events occur outside of working hours.

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