What Is Websense Endpoint?

Endpoint Protection Platform delivers integrated security for operating systems, browsers, and applications on a device running any operating system.

Websense is a global company that provides products to protect the endpoints of an organization. The Websense Threatseeker product enables organizations to identify, understand and control risks associated with Web browsing, email, chat, and instant messaging. 

Websense offers a suite of solutions for protecting against malicious code delivered through Web pages or attachments in emails, including URL filtering; content inspection; spyware protection; malware detection/prevention; data leak prevention (DLP); web reputation services (RSS).

What Is Websense Endpoint?

Websense endpoint is software that monitors the traffic of all devices and blocks any malicious content. Websense Endpoint also provides real-time protection against malware and phishing attacks. The software also offers an advanced firewall to protect your data from unauthorized access by hackers.

Why Do I Need To Use Websense Endpoint?

To prevent potential cyberattacks from happening, an organization needs its systems protected. Websense endpoint is a browser add-on that protects against malware and phishing. In addition, websense endpoint also restricts the file types that can be downloaded from websites. It can also scan files for viruses and prevent users from accessing malicious content. Websense endpoint will help provide a safer environment for your company.

Benefits Of Using A Websense Endpoint

  1. Monitoring and blocking of Web 2.0 applications such as Facebook, Google Docs, DropBox, and YouTube, to name a few.
  2. Ability to control bandwidth usage by creating policies for the websites users can access with drill-down capabilities based on user groupings. For example, all users can access the Internet except for three users who can only access Facebook.
  3. Ability to monitor and quarantine URLs accessed by your network with real-time alerts via e-mail, pager, or pop-ups on the desktop.
  4. User activity reporting provides top talkers and identifies users spending more than their fair share of time on a particular site.
  5. Reporting lets you know if a user has been watching YouTube for more than the allowed amount of time.

How Does It Work And What Should I Know Before Installing One?

The Websense endpoint installation is software that adds security and protect it from viruses, malware, and spyware. Websense has many features that can be added to the software. 

One of the top features is blocking unsafe websites, which blocks anything that could harm your device. Another feature is Web Security and Privacy, which allows you to create safe browsing habits and monitor everything on your device. The third feature is Web Filtering and Monitoring, which filters out any inappropriate content, so it doesn’t show up when you’re browsing through the internet.

How Are Websense Endpoints Compared To Other Endpoints?

There are a lot of differentiating features of the Websense endpoint from other endpoints. The company has made it quite different to make sure that they are fully customizable

The main difference is that you can configure Websense endpoints to meet each company’s needs. Other endpoint protection products cannot be customized, which makes them different from Websense endpoints. Another difference between Websense endpoints and other endpoint protection products is that Websense has much broader coverage than its competitors. Websense has implemented a cloud environment which is where they do most of their scanning.

It makes its line of endpoint protection products quite different from other companies’ endpoint protection products. Websense has an antivirus component in its endpoint protection product line. This is what sets Websense apart from the competition because they are not just protecting against viruses. Their endpoint protection product line protects against viruses, spyware, bots, malware, and cyber-attacks. Websense does all of this without the use of an antivirus software component.

Common Misconceptions About Websense Endpoints

One of the misconceptions about Websense endpoints is that the device is only for business use. Another misconception about Websense endpoints is that they can’t be used for advanced settings.


Websense endpoints are a great way to complement your existing security strategy and protect all your devices, not just those at work. Websense offers endpoint protection that’s easy-to-use and covers everything from laptops to smartphones and tablets. It also provides advanced settings for more experienced users who want complete control over their device security. And with its free trial period offered on most plans, you can try it out risk-free. If you’re concerned about your current endpoint protection reaching its full potential, it’s time to give the Websense endpoint a try.

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