Why is My Apple Watch Screen Black

Why is My Apple Watch Screen Black

A large portion if not all of our day’s productive duties and enterprises are carried out on our devices and technologies. Because we’re all aware that no technology is 100% fault-free.

Despite this, our responses to service interruptions or incomplete functionality have always been undesirable and irritating to us. It’s as though we’re holding a pen that’s run out of ink.

Let me summarize by saying that Apple is a well-known and trustworthy brand. They continue to give us a wide range of helpful gadgets and equipment, all of which come with a reasonable guarantee and promise a positive user experience.

Current market trends show that Apple Watches has established itself as a dominant force in the wearable electronic business, which is rapidly growing. If by chance, you are experiencing an Apple Watch black screen of death problem, you should read this article until the end to get some helpful information.

There are various causes why your Apple Watch is frozen on the black screen of death, and most of them are simple to repair. 

  • A low or depleted battery is the most common cause of the “death screen” that appears for more than 80% of Apple Watch customers.
  • Another potential explanation is that the Apple Watch’s unique and sophisticated settings might lead it to freeze or shut down. In actuality, the Watch is just following the instructions it has received in the past.
  • Internal components must be replaced if the screen of the Watch is damaged.
  • Problems with the device’s hardware or software are likely.
  • Your Watch may have certain issues that need to be fixed.
  • A recent Watch update may have caused the difficulty, so be sure to double-check that it wasn’t caused by anything else.
  • Even though different Apple Watch Series are waterproof, they are not always water-resistant. As a result, water damage is still a possibility.
  • There could be some dirt or dust on the hardware’s terminals that has seeped into the circuitry and caused a fault.

How to Fix Apple Watch Black Screen

Apple Watch stuck on a black screen? Here’s what to do.

Your Apple Watch Needs a Charge

Use a magnetic charging cord to power up your Apple Watch. Wait until you hear the chime sound, which indicates that the Watch is fully charged. A glowing green Bolt comes on the screen along with the sound. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before turning it on.

Check out these helpful hints if it doesn’t:

  • Before using your magnetic charger, make sure it’s completely dry and free of any debris.
  • Check the power port and see if you can use a new one.

Check Your Apple Watch’s Battery and Charger

When a dead battery refuses to charge, the first step is to try a new charging connection and charger to see whether the battery or the charger itself is defective.

Wait at least an hour before clicking on any pop-ups. However, if the Apple Watch continues to be sluggish, you may want to look at your charger and attempt to use a different one. Here are a few helpful things to consider before moving on to the next option –

  • As a first step, make sure that the USB port on your Apple Watch is securely connected.
  • Whether a new charging cable is needed, check the one you have to see if it’s in good working order.
  • The charging cable’s front and end should be dry and clean before use.
  • Charge your smartphone in such a way that the front of the charger lines up with the rear of the watch.
  • A third-party charging station or pad may be a better option.
  • If your device isn’t working properly, switch to a different power outlet.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch 

Even if your Apple Watch isn’t completely dead, it’s in a frozen state if you’re having problems with the “black screen of death.” The Watch’s functionality may be restored by performing a forced restart (also known as a hard reset). It’s at this point that an accidental alteration is made to the Watch’s operating system.

As with the iPhone and every other Apple device, a force reboot is conducted in the same manner. Pressing and holding the two side buttons, the smaller elongated button, and the bigger circular digital crown is required for this method. When the Apple logo shows on the screen, the Apple Watch has been boosted to full power. Restarting the gadget will help you go more slowly.

As a result, it is now anticipated to run without issue. Performing a hard reset on your Apple iPhone does not affect your data or settings.

Using a Computer to Power Your Watch

If you want to charge your Apple Watch using a computer, you should only plug in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection. In addition, make sure that your computer or laptop is awake while it is charging. Any external computer equipment, such as a keyboard, might interfere with the Watch’s power transmission.

As a result, it’s wise to use a USB cable to connect the Apple Watch straight to your computer.

Power Reserve Mode should be Turned Off

To save battery life, the Apple Watch’s power reserve mode has been implemented. At this point, the Watch begins to behave as if it is dead, blocking all access to its features and shutting down all of its internal operations.

Apple Watch cannot be unlocked and all communication with the iPhone is halted as a result of this. There is just a bright red bolt symbol next to the 24 hr clock that is available to users.

Hold the long side button and push it for 8 to 10 seconds to turn off this power-saving mode. The Apple Watch returns to regular operation upon the appearance of the Apple logo.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Latest iOS Version

It’s possible that updating your smartphone to the most recent version of iOS can help fix the Apple Watch’s black screen and restore normal operation. To update your iOS version, the following steps are necessary:

  1. To begin, connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone.
  2. Select My Watch from the menu on your iPhone.
  3. Next, click on General, and then click on Software Update.
  4. Connect to Wi-Fi then enter your current Apple or iPhone password, then download and install.

Turn Off the Screen Curtains on Your Device

After the Apple Watch reset episode, a black screen reappears. Almost certainly, you’ve stumbled into the screen curtain Accessibility mode by mistake.

This mode is available on all Apple Watches and is activated when VoiceOver from the Apple Watch app is activated. Even when everything is working normally, it dims the screen and so reduces the brightness. All communication in this mode is by voice.

Switch off Screen Curtain mode by grabbing your iPhone and going to Apple Watch.

Switch off the screen curtain option by going to the General menu, selecting Accessibility, and then selecting Voiceover.

Apple Support may be contacted if this doesn’t work. Simply book an appointment at the genius bar and get your Apple Watch repaired. You may verify your warranty by heading to the coverage page; this can be done easily.

If you miss your deadline, you may still profit from its advantages and replace your Apple Watch quickly.

Delete All Data and Settings

It’s not ideal, but it may enable you to get your Watch back up and running. Erasing everything is the only option left if nothing else works. Open the Settings app and follow these instructions:

  1. Reset the system by going to the General menu and clicking the Reset button.
  2. Choose the Erase All Content and Settings option.
  3. Go ahead and type in the code 
  4. To be sure you want to proceed, tap on Erase All.

How to Keep Apple Watch Screen On

Some people might want their Apple Watch screen to turn off faster to conserve battery life. Others might want it to stay on longer so they can see the time or their notifications at a glance. If you have your Apple Watch screen set to turn off after 15 seconds, you can change the setting to keep it on for 70 seconds instead. To do this, go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Tap the switch next to Wake Screen. Then select an amount of time under Resume Duration.

Why is My Apple Watch Not Responding to Touch?

There are a few reasons why your Apple Watch’s screen may become unresponsive to touch. It could be due to a software issue, a hardware issue, or simply because your watch is dirty.

If it’s a software issue, restarting your Apple Watch may fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can try force-quitting all apps, or resetting your watch altogether.

If the problem is hardware-related, your Watch’s digitizer (the component that senses touch) may be damaged. In this case, you’ll need to take your watch to an Apple Store or authorized service provider for repair.

Finally, if your screen is unresponsive because it’s dirty, simply cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth should do the trick. Avoid using any abrasive materials or liquids, as these could damage your watch.

Why is My Apple Watch Screen Black but Still Vibrates?

There are a few potential reasons why your Apple Watch’s screen may be black but still vibrating. It could be that your watch is in Power Reserve mode, which shuts off the screen to conserve battery power. Alternatively, your watch may be experiencing a software or hardware issue.

If you think your Apple Watch is in Power Reserve mode, you can try to wake it by pressing and holding the side button. If the screen remains black, likely, Power Reserve mode is indeed enabled. To exit Power Reserve mode, connect your watch to its charger and wait a few minutes until it has enough power to turn on.

If your Apple Watch isn’t in Power Reserve mode, the next step is to try restarting it. To do this, press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off slider appear on the screen. Once your watch has turned off, press and hold the side button again to turn it back on.

If your Apple Watch still won’t turn on, or if the screen remains black after restarting, there may be a software or hardware issue causing the problem. In this case, the best course of action is to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Rebooting?

Listed below are several potential contributing variables to the recurrent restarting of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch was Force Restarted by Accident

If your Apple Watch is stuck in a restarting cycle, it’s possible that you accidentally hit the Digital Crown or the side button while wearing it too closely to your hand.

A Corrupted Third-party Program or Piece of Software

When you’ve installed a third-party app that might potentially attack or affect your Apple Watch and force it to reset.

Failed Operating System Upgrades

Failed system upgrades may potentially be to blame for the Apple Watch’s incessant restarting.

Problems with the Hardware

Finally, issues with your Apple Watch’s hardware may result in a boot loop. Of course, dealing with it is by far the hardest part to troubleshoot.

How to Prevent Apple Watch Black Screen

Wearing an Apple Watch is a great way to stay connected to your favorite apps and information, but sometimes the screen can go black. Here’s how to prevent your Apple Watch screen from going black.

If you’re using your Apple Watch in bright sunlight, the screen may go black to conserve power. To prevent this from happening, you can adjust the brightness of your screen in the Settings app on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Brightness & Wallpaper.
  3. Drag the Brightness slider to the right to increase the brightness of your screen.
  4. You can also enable Auto-Brightness, which will automatically adjust the brightness of your screen based on the ambient light conditions.
  5. Tap on the button to the right of Auto-Brightness to enable it.

If you’re not using your Apple Watch for an extended period, you can put it into Power Reserve mode to conserve battery life. In Power Reserve mode, your Apple Watch will only display the time.


If you find that your Apple Watch screen is black, it could be due to several issues. It could be a simple software glitch that can be easily fixed, or it could be a more serious hardware issue. If you can’t seem to fix the problem on your own, make sure to take it to an authorized Apple service provider for further diagnosis and assistance.

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