What Jobs Can I Get With AWS Certification?

What Jobs Can I Get With AWS Certification?

What Jobs Can I Get With AWS Certification?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the most successful cloud computing service in the world as plenty of companies trust it more than any other service in the world. Controlling about a third of the world’s market share, AWS is highly in demand and that is why those who hold AWS certifications are also just as valuable for different companies around the world. 

But what jobs can you get if you are holding an AWS certification? It really depends on the certification you are holding but that is something we are here to discuss.

  1. AWS Cloud Architect

An AWS Cloud Architect is a job given to those who hold a certification in AWS Cloud Architecture. As the term implies, AWS Cloud Architects are the ones who specialize in designing different technologies that are based on the AWS environment. They are usually working hand in hand with the Cloud Engineers to implement such technologies similar to how real-world architects work together with real-world engineers to make their visions come true.

The average yearly salary of an AWS Cloud Architect is somewhere between $98,000 to $150,000 depending on certain factors such as your experience and the company they work for and the city the company is located at. This is also the most sought-after of all of the AWS Certifications.

  1. Operational Support Engineer

The duty of an Operational Support Engineer is to oversee and monitor the different operations concerning the company’s AWS cloud computing. Whenever operational issues arise, they are usually the ones who make sure to resolve and fix any of those issues. And whenever they are working together with an AWS Cloud Architect, they assist in implementing upgrades to the company’s AWS environment.

On average, an Operational Support Engineer can earn up to $92,000 depending on the company.

  1. AWS Cloud Developer

AWS Cloud Developers are responsible for developing programs and apps that are based on AWS cloud computing. They should also be skilled in programming languages such as Java and C++, among others. The job essentially requires you to program and develop new apps to be used by the company’s cloud-based computing.

AWS Cloud Developers can earn up to $93,000 a year in a company that would not mind paying them a lot.

  1. AWS Big Data Specialist

An AWS Big Data Specialist is your typical analyst that specializes in analyzing the different data involving the company’s cloud computing processes. Of course, it is required for them to have an AWS Big Data Specialty certification so that they can actually qualify for this job.

Aside from data analytics, AWS Big Data Specialists also help in maintaining a company’s cloud-based data in an efficient manner and will also help out in implementing any process that would allow the company to have a way of managing their data in the most effective manner.

  1. DevOps Engineer

The role of a DevOps Engineer is to make sure that they are able to design AWS cloud solutions that allow the company to improve its operations. On top of that, they are also responsible for maintaining the company’s servers and for patching up any issues whenever it is deemed necessary for them to do so. 

The average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer can actually range from $93,000 to $144,000. This job requires you to have expertise in both development and operations, and that is why it is one of the highest-paying AWS jobs out there.

  1. AWS SystOps Administrator

The main role of an AWS SystOps Administrator is to oversee the entire AWS platform when it comes to how the system operates. He or she is typically the one who manages and maintains the entire system while also implementing new configurations that will allow the system to work more efficiently.

Of course, for you to qualify for this job, you need to be able to clear the AWS SystOps Administrator certification and to have a good grasp of the basics of the entire AWS cloud platform. An AWS SystOps Administrator can potentially earn up to $160,000 a year.

  1. Senior AWS Cloud Architect

At the higher level in the AWS Cloud Architect track, Senior AWS Cloud Architects are those that work directly with the company’s engineers while also communicating with the customers to make sure that there is a smooth relationship between the company and its clients as far as the technical side is concerned. On top of that, they are required to have a good grasp of AWS technical architecture so that they can properly lead implementations of new processes and technologies.

Because of the responsibilities of a Senior AWS Cloud Architect, this position can potentially earn up to $165,000 a year and is arguably the highest-paid AWS job out there. Of course, like the AWS Cloud Architects, this job is also highly in-demand as far as different companies are concerned.

  1. AWS System Integrator

AWS System Integrators are there to help troubleshoot any kind of issue or problem regarding the wide range of services that AWS offers. That is why they should be the jack of all trades in a company when it comes to AWS and they should also have deep knowledge in all of the AWS cloud services so that it will be easier for them to troubleshoot any of the problems encountered by the systems.

Troubleshooting isn’t the only role that an AWS System Integrator can do because he or she can also help in handling the different complex implementations and installations of the different cloud components regarding the company’s AWS services. Given that they are the jacks of all trades, AWS System Integrators should be able to have a good working experience with the rest of the team and are supposed to have a good hands-on experience regarding the different AWS services.

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