What is Smart DNS?

What is Smart DNS?


SmartDNS, or “smart Domain Name System” as the name implies, is a solution for those who want to bypass geographical restrictions on websites and services that are only available in specific countries. The service will help you unblock geo-restricted content from all of your devices. It’s an easy way to access region-blocked streaming media like Netflix and Hulu from anywhere in the world with speeds up to 10 times faster than VPN (a virtual private network). With SmartDnsProxy, you can watch TV shows and movies outside of your country by changing your IP address. This helps you get around blackouts of sporting events like NFL games and more! All this makes it a great option for travelers and expats looking for TV and movie access that is intended for people in the US.

SmartDNS Proxy does not encrypt your traffic, hence it provides faster speed while streaming your favorite movies, TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc. Also, you can change your location so easily with Smart DNS. So if you are using VPN only to unblock geo-restricted sites and services, then you should switch over to Smart DNS as it offers much faster connection speeds and doesn’t alter your original IP.

What is a Smart DNS?

A smart DNS is a type of DNS service which allows you to get access to geo-restricted content that you would usually not be able to view. The smart DNS will route your requests for this content to the appropriate place, meaning that your IP address will not be revealed.

A smart DNS will make it seem as if you are located somewhere else, which means that any restrictions on content due to your location will not be enforced. This is the main benefit of a smart DNS service as some providers can also offer increased speeds and additional features for internet users such as anonymizing or ad blocking. A smart DNS service is an alternative to changing your internet settings which can be complicated and problematic. This is as a Smart DNS will not change any of the software you have running on your computer or device, but simply provide you with an altered IP address when accessing content.

How does it work?

A smart DNS is a DNS service that sets up your computer or router to use its servers to resolve the website’s URLs, instead of your ISP-assigned DNS. This is done using domain name system technology which is widely used on the Internet for translating human-friendly website names into numerical protocol addresses that are used by computers around the world. A DNS service can be used to simplify access to Internet resources, improve connection speeds for slower Internet connections, access blocked websites in countries with Internet censorship, or even route around damage caused by accidental typos in website names used by humans.

As an example, a smart DNS service provider could offer smart DNS services to customers in China so that they can access popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook without the need to use proxy servers or virtual private network (VPN) technologies. That’s because these social media websites are blocked by The Great Firewall of China in order to stop Chinese citizens from bypassing government Internet censorship. Smart DNS services can also be used to access region-restricted streams for live sports events such as the soccer World Cup.

Why use a Smart DNS service?

Smart DNS service is a technology that alters the domain name resolution. This allows an Internet user to bypass geo-location-based blocks and censorship in the country, which is being used to access a website or app. The user can also avoid geographical blackouts for sporting events in their area by using a SmartDNS service.

Some streaming services can even be used to watch Netflix Premium (HD) and other similar services. A Smart DNS service can be used to unlock content on some streaming services that would otherwise be blocked from users outside the US.

What are the Pros and cons of using a Smart DNS service?

Smart DNS Pros:

  • Can help to protect a user’s privacy while surfing the internet
  • When using a Smart DNS service, users can connect to sites that have malware or other harmful content without worrying about their devices being infected
  • Doesn’t require any software to be installed on devices such as a PC or laptop
  • Allows you to watch restricted videos on YouTube, Hulu, iPlayer, etc.
  • Helps you unblock geo-restricted websites.
  • Can be used on any device including Android tablets and smartphones, Smart TVs, games consoles, etc. No need for extra hardware or apps that only work with selected devices like VPNs.

Smart DNS Cons:

  • Do not encrypt internet traffic so your browsing history can be visible to ISP and government agencies.
  • Can only unblock geo-restricted sites, cannot change the IP address so you cannot access geo-restricted services such as Netflix.


A Smart DNS service is an easy way to unblock websites and other content that are only available in certain countries. If you’re traveling or living abroad, a VPN can be too much of a hassle. A smart DNS will allow you to access the sites you need without any fuss at all! Our team has been helping people find reliable providers for years now – Contact us today if you want help finding out which company best suits your needs. We promise not to use this information for anything else but to provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their location and what they’re looking for!  The pros of using a Smart DNS include being able to view blocked content from anywhere around the world, accessing geo-restricted content like Netflix U.S., allowing you to stream at the highest speeds and no lag.

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