What Is Malware Crusher?

malware crusher

What Is Malware Crusher?

Sometimes the antivirus that you have is just not enough and won’t get the job done. You scan your computer, but it turns out that there are no malicious things found, but you’re sure that there is some virus. In such cases, people turn to Malware Crusher, an alternative to antivirus.

Malware Crusher is an effortless and straightforward application, and it does not require much knowledge to operate malware prevention applications. It will detect malware before it enters your computer system. 

Malware Crusher Interface

The interface is very user-friendly that even a non-technical person can use malware crushers easily. It includes real-time protection for the whole computer system to use the internet without disturbing malware viruses freely. It will prevent all kinds of malware from entering your computer system: hijackers, adware’s, spyware and Trojans, etc.

It will free your computer system from malware viruses. It is a very simple malware prevention application that users of every age group can efficiently operate. The good thing about malware crusher is that its user-friendly interface, which allows even non-technical people to use malware crusher easily.

Basic Features Of Malware Crusher

1)  Real-Time Protection 

This program has a real-time protection feature that protects our computer’s body online or offline. Both situations occur here protection against malware viruses

2) Malware Database Update 

Programs update malware databases daily. Both which is very important for malware prevention. That malware virus can’t attack our computer because malware crusher has the latest update of the malware list.

3) Scan Result  

After all, scans are completed, it shows the result in terms of percentage. While scanning the process, one more window will open, which offers spyware, adware and hijacker details. So users have to click on the delete button to get rid off of that infection, or if you don’t want to delete, then ignore that option by clicking the continue option

4) System Guard

Sometimes while working on online games, watching movie streaming sites this tool protect your system automatically it stop these type of programs to running automatically this feature called system guard

5) Network Connection 

The program will show you the active network connection on your computer. If malware crusher detects an unknown program running in the background, then it automatically closes that connection

6) Scan Scheduler

Malware crusher allows user to set time for system scan either weekly or daily etc., so user can scan malware crusher at night to protect the computer

7) Keyboard Guard 

Programs have keyboard guard features that restrict users from using shortcut keys for malware prevention. If a user tries to open any adware or virus site using a shortcut key, it will ask you for confirmation. If you want to go on the malicious website, click on the yes button if you don’t want to click on the no option.

In a nutshell, It will free your computer system from malware viruses. It is a very simple malware prevention application that users of every age group can efficiently operate. The good thing about malware crusher is that its user-friendly interface, which allows even a nontechnical person to use malware crusher easily.

Installation Of Malware Crusher

There is no particular procedure for installing malware crushers either. You can download it from the internet.

After downloading, open that installer file and follow the instructions of the installation process, then click on the finish button after all installation is completed successfully.

Then go to the application menu and click on the malware prevention tool icon to start the malware prevention suite.

Advantages Of Malware Crusher

1) Its interface is very user-friendly: It provides real-time protection to your computer system, automatically detecting malware viruses and stopping them from entering the system and feasible to every user.

2) We can use the internet freely without the disturbance of malware viruses.

3) It will protect your computer system from hijackers, adware’s, Spywares and trojans etc.

4) Easy to operate by a non-technical person.

5) No complex options or settings are required.

Disadvantages Of Malware Crusher 

1) Sometimes, this tool affects system performance because it runs in the system’s background to protect whole computer systems.

2) Sometimes malware prevention suites show false-positive results, i.e. programs think that some file is a malware virus while it’s not actually.

3) The Free version has some limited functions compared with the paid version you have to buy if you want to use all features of the malware prevention suite.

4) Sometimes, it takes time for the detection of malware viruses.

5) It has no real-time protection because this tool runs in the system’s background, so if you turn off your computer, the computer will be vulnerable to malware virus attacks.


Malware crusher is a simple malware prevention application that effectively protects your computer system from malware viruses. It has a robust antivirus engine that detects and deletes all types of malware, spyware’s, trojans, hijackers etc.

This tool will solve the problem of antivirus not working because it works in real-time for protective purposes against malware threats. So stop worrying about malware prevention with this software suite to protect your data securely.

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