What is IPMI Over LAN?

What is IPMI Over LAN?


IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface, and it’s a standard protocol used by servers to communicate with the hardware they control. One of the most common uses of IPMI is to allow administrators or technicians access to a server remotely without having physical access to the machine. This can be very useful when you want someone who knows what they are doing to take care of an issue that requires more knowledge than your typical end-user has.

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In many cases, all that’s needed is remote login credentials from either a technician or from IT staff, and then remote administration software will do everything else automatically. This includes things like powering on or off, rebooting, shutting down, and so forth. And if something goes wrong, you can log in and fix it yourself.

What is IPMI Over LAN?

IPMI Over LAN is a remote access software that allows you to manage your computer or network. You can download the IPMI Over LAN software on the internet for free, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. IPMI is designed with the ability to remotely control machines anywhere in the world via an Ethernet local area network. It supports a variety of plug-in interface cards as well as serial port-based disk arrays.

Due to this, IPMI over LAN has been proven to be a powerful tool for remote management of many machines from one centralized location. It also includes a wide range of remote management features such as power control, virtual media support, and KVM-over-LAN functionality to help users diagnose and recover from problems with remote systems. IPMI is a specification developed by Intel for allowing system administrators to access computers remotely. IPMI provides a standardized set of interfaces allowing consistent management of multiple servers and access to their consoles.

How to use it?

The user can use IPMI over LAN with support from a server, the management may require certain prerequisites. The instructions that are provided for this process will need to be followed as per each individual case as it is unique for each device. The user should also be aware that the IPMI over LAN feature might not work if it is not supported on both sides of the connection. Although IPMI has been around for quite some time, the technology is still not that well-known. One of the main reasons for this is that IPMI over LAN has been a feature not many have taken advantage of. However, with time and new servers, most IPMI features will be accessible using a web browser. This set of tools may allow the user to connect to their machine from anywhere in the world through an Internet connection or wireless network without an IP. It also enables the user to discover the power state of an IPMI enabled system.

What are the pros of using IPMI over LAN?

The pros of using IPMI over LAN include the following:

– The technology for this communication between servers is very common and simple, being able to be used by all PC users regardless of their experience with a computer.

– A general network connection is not required to maintain the connection.

– If the hardware and software configuration of the sending server does not alter the data being sent, it can be considered secure.

– The IPMI modules are extremely easy to use, being able to support most software systems being utilized on the sending server.

What are the cons of using IPMI over LAN?

The cons of using IPMI over LAN include the following:

– The requirement of a general network between the two servers

– The server may require to be powered on for this communication to take place.

– The communication can be limited by the hardware and software configuration, which may alter the data being sent and received.

– The data transfer speed between servers is very slow, having a minimum of 100 to 1000 bits per second.

– The IPMI can only be used over computers with a compatible network card.


IPMI over LAN is a type of network connection that allows you to connect remotely. This option can be useful for troubleshooting something on your computer, but it also may pose some security risks. The other term associated with IPMI is “over LAN” which is simply just another way of phrasing the term. The security risk associated with this type of network connection has to do with who can access your computer remotely. This may pose a security threat because anyone that knows the right IP address and user name, will be able to access your computer without you knowing. The reason why this type of network connection is used is to remotely manage and troubleshoot a machine. Professionals may use it because it’s faster than using the Internet to access your computer, but it also can be useful for home users as well.

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