What Is CCNA Collaboration? Is It CCNA Voice?

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What Is CCNA Collaboration? Is It CCNA Voice?

CCNA Collaboration and CCNA Voice are well-known certifications that work great for improving the abilities in the network engineering field. However, many times these two certifications are mistaken for one and the same. So, what is CCNA Collaboration and what is CCNA Voice? 

CCNA Collaboration is a certification suitable for improving video skills along with the convergence of voice, video data, and mobile apps. On the other hand, CCNA Voice enables the candidates to improve their skills in creating voice-enabled networks. However, the former incorporates the latter. 

In this article, I will explain the characteristics of both certifications along with their differences. I will also discuss how the CCNA Collaboration incorporates CCNA Voice, and which topics does the CCNA Collaboration cover. Furthermore, I will give you a clear picture of what jobs you may land with the CCNA Collaboration, and what salary you should expect. 

CCNA Collaboration Incorporates CCNA Voice 

Firstly, it is very important to understand the differences between these two certifications. Even though they are closely related, they still have different outcomes and they differ in the objectives they cover. 

CCNA Collaboration

CCNA Collaboration certificate is ideal for voice, video, and network engineers to demonstrate and improve their skills and extend their opportunities for their career paths. Once you obtain the certification, you will be able to work in an SMB collaboration environment and offer support to senior collaboration engineers. 

This certification can become a three-year program that offers full training and fundamental education for network engineers who are interested in working in the collaboration fields. There are no prerequisites for taking the CCNA Collaboration exam, however, there are a couple of kinds of training recommended by Cisco that will help the candidate to get certified in an easier way. 

To pass the CCNA Collaboration you will also have to clear two exams – 210-060 CICD and 210-065 CIVND. Besides these, you will also need to have in-depth knowledge of voice and video networks, and have a lot of practice before taking the exam. You will need to dedicate a lot of time to study and to be able to give up your free time for practicing. 

CCNA Voice 

CCNA Voice covers the objectives of voice-enabled networks, and they prepare the candidate for creating and managing these networks. The candidates are required to be familiar with technologies such as IP PBX, IP Telephony, Voicemail, Call Agent, and so on. 

Once you pass the exam, you are eligible to land a job as a VoIP Manager, VoIP Administrator, and VoIP Engineer. The certification makes you stand out and gives you an advantage over other job candidates. 

However, since the CCNA Collaboration has been improved, the CCNA Voice is not so common nowadays. Now the CCNA Collaboration incorporates the objectives of CCNA Voice, so people tend to choose the former over the latter due to the fact that CCNA Collaboration gives more opportunities. 

CCNA Collaboration Topics 

Cisco Collaboration programs are designed to get the candidate ready for a job in the SMB environment, and they are practical, relevant, and job-based. Obtaining a CCNA Collaboration will enable you to get the desired position easily, or get a promotion and higher salary. 

The CCNA Collaboration exam covers topics that prepare the candidate for a job position as a network video administrator or operator, network video engineer, voice, collaboration, unified communications, or communication engineer. The CCNA Collaboration certificate is proven to improve the skills of the candidates and that way invest in their education and career. 

The CCNA Collaboration exam enables knowledge and skills to design, configure, and provide collaboration solutions using the latest Cisco products and technologies. Since Cisco is the leading figure in the IT industry, you can expect that your certification can get you far into the field, and take your career to the next level. 

The CCNA Collaboration certificate focuses on designing, installing, and troubleshooting complex, end-to-end IP networks, and unified communications solutions. Therefore, once you finish your preparation and take the exam you will be highly qualified to work in SMB environments, and you will be probably paid double that you are at your current job position. 

Each topic and objective that is covered in the CCNA Collaboration has proven beneficial, and each candidate has improved their skills and their knowledge in this field. Other than getting you better opportunities for your career, this certification makes you confident about working in the network field. 

CCNA Collaboration Salary

It is a fact that once you obtain a certain certification, your horizons expand, and many opportunities start opening for you. One of the greatest things about getting a certification is that it enables you to get a way better salary than before. Once you pass the exam and get certified, you become an eligible candidate for promotion and a higher salary. 

Every dime you spend for the certification and all of the time you spend on preparation for the exam at the end is quite worth it because you get the opportunity to earn the big bucks. 

In the United States, the annual salary for CCNA Collaboration certifications goes from $84,000 to $118,500. The pay range may vary due to different locations, but it is still around this amount. 

In other parts of the world, the salaries might be slightly lower considering the locations and the sizes of the same. Up until today, the highest salaries for CCNA Collaboration certifications are found in the United States, especially in California, Texas, and Washington DC. 

However, it is a fact that once you obtain this certification, your salary will go up, and everything you sacrificed for taking the exam will pay off. 

As you could see, the CCNA Collaboration is a quite convenient certification for those who want to improve in the field of managing voice and video networks. The exam gives you great opportunities for improvement, both in skills and in the career path. Therefore, taking the exam will mean investment in yourself. 

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