What is Avast Secure DNS?

What is Avast Secure DNS?


Avast Secure DNS is a service that protects you from cybercriminals. Without this protection, it’s easy for criminals to grab your data and personal information. HTTPS Everywhere ensures that you connect securely with websites by downloading an encrypted version of the site through its proxy servers. Avast Secure DNS also blocks ads on all devices connected to the internet. Additionally, it includes extra tools like an Internet speed booster and data compression for your cellular connection if you so desire.

Avast Secure DNS is a free and easy-to-setup service that protects your browsing from cybercriminals. Avast Secure DNS offers protection for all devices connected to the internet, including laptops, smart TVs, phones, or tablets.

What is Avast Secure DNS?

Avast secure DNS is a feature that provides Internet users access to more than 1,700 of the most popular websites on the internet. It also helps protect their online experience with built-in, active security. Its active security helps safeguard devices from outside unwanted contact. The system asks all sites to verify your IP address before accessing content. This helps keep future potential dangers away by limiting what you can see and interact with online.

If a website is on the no-go list, you won’t be able to access it even if you type in the web address. This includes sites that encourage cyberbullying, violence, and discrimination along with online gambling, pornography, and a lot of other objectionable material. Avast secure DNS also monitors your traffic for signs of potential danger.

Why should you use Avast Secure DNS?

Avast Secure DNS is a powerful DNS service that provides security and protection from third-party attackers. Avast Secure DNS will not allow any third-party attackers to compromise your data as it is being transferred. In addition, if you are using VoIP with the Avast Secure DNS service, it will also protect you from fraud or eavesdropping. Avast Secure DNS provides you with support for all your devices, whether they are PCs, Macs, smartphones, or games consoles.

By using Avast Secure DNS, you do not need to download any programs or apps. You can simply switch your current DNS to Avast Secure DNS and – like magic – it will start working.

How to set up Avast Secure DNS on your devices?

The setup is easier if you have a router, but you can also configure it on an individual device.

1. Open Settings on your device and go to WiFi settings.

2. Select “Add Network” or “Advanced” from the left pane of the window that opens up.

3. Fill in a new network name and password for your Secure DNS server, then click Next.

4. At the bottom of the page that appears, set the network type to Static IP and enter these values: Server Hostname: avast-ipv4-privacy-private.avast (or whichever one you chose)

5. Click Next again and make sure your new network is selected on the next page.

6. Once you’ve saved it, re-open Settings and go to Network & Internet.

7. Click on your new network name again under WiFi settings to see its properties.

8. You now need to configure DNS servers. You can leave this window open since it takes effect immediately, or make the change on each device you want to connect.

9. Scroll down in the IP settings page until you see “DHCP Reservation”, then click the “+” under where it says “DNS Servers”.

10. Add avast-ipv4-privacy-private.avast (or whichever one you chose) as a server under the list.

11. Click Save. You should now be able to connect!

What are the benefits of using Avast Secure DNS?

Avast Secure DNS is a service that will protect the user from browsing the internet of harmful content. Avast Secure DNS is a type of Virtual Private Network that changes the IP address of the devices on a network to an IP address that has been specifically designated by Avast. Avast Secure DNS ensures a higher level of safety and privacy on the internet.

With Avast Secure DNS, Internet users are also free of geographical restrictions. This means that the user can access different content according to their location. For example, if the user is in the U.S., they might be able to watch videos on Netflix; however, when they go back home to another country such as China, they will no longer be able to watch that same content. Avast Secure DNS is located in the cloud and does not have many of these types of restrictions.

Another benefit of using Avast Secure DNS is that users will no longer have to worry about malware interfering with their browsing experience or causing speed issues when loading pages. This makes it easier for people to work, play games, and watch videos without having to worry about malware.


The Avast Secure DNS service is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that will help protect your sensitive information and data from the dangers of phishing sites. It also helps you to browse without censorship or geo-restrictions. So far, we’ve discussed how this secure DNS service can keep your devices safe while browsing online content on unsecured networks at home or in public places like coffee shops and airports. Now it’s time to look at how Avast Secure DNS can also help protect the devices that you use in your home network. Avast Secure DNS can protect your devices in two ways: by filtering harmful content and by removing geo-restrictions to let you access the websites that you want. First, we’ll discuss how Avast Secure DNS helps to filter harmful content aimed at your device.

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