How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter?

How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter?

How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter?

IObit Malware Fighter is an application for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000. This program protects your system from malware attacks by attempting to prevent the installation of malicious software, which attempts to gain access to your computer without your permission, or by exploiting vulnerabilities in programs that are already installed on your computer. It also fixes security issues and speeds up PC startup time.

What Is Malware Fighter Used For?

This is a software product produced and distributed by (“IObit”). It protects PC users from malware attacks and system optimization, cleaning, and privacy protection services.

Malware Fighter is installed through other softwares downloaded from, including BoostSpeed and Driver Booster. When downloaded, the installer of Malware Fighter will ask to uninstall any existing malware protection software found on your computer.

This document is intended to show you how to uninstall IObit malware fighter by using its uninstaller, which is the recommended method for this application. This uninstall guide covers all Windows versions.

How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter Via Control Panel?

To uninstall  Malware  from your system, 

  1. Go to ‘Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel and choose “IObit Malware Fighter”.
  2. Click on uninstall at the top of the window. Follow any prompts to uninstall if necessary.
  3. Click on Start Menu→Control Panel→Programs and Features, then proceed with the uninstallation.
  4. Go through IObit malware fighters or related programs that require your attention before removing them by pressing the Uninstall button.
  5. Reboot the system once you remove all Malware Fighter files required for uninstallation.
  6. If possible, delete any leftovers in C:\Program Files\IObit malware fighter or other installation folders to ensure complete removal of IObit malware fighter.
  7. Search for leftover IObit malware fighters on your computer.

The uninstallation is complete once you restart your computer and no other files related to IObit malware fighters remain on your hard disk drive.

Tips: If the uninstallation is unsuccessful, you may need to remove the IObit malware fighter’s registry keys manually. Click on Start Menu→Run (for Windows 7 or Vista users), type in “regedit” (case-insensitive), and hit Enter (or OK button).

Follow any steps of the registry editor assistant until all related files of IObit malware fighters are removed completely. Reboot the system once done.

How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter Via Command Prompt?

  1. Type “command” in the search box and choose Command Prompt at the top of search results to open Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. In Command Prompt window, type uninstall IObit malware fighter and hit Enter key after each command:
  3. Reboot the system when the IObit malware fighter is uninstalled entirely. 
  4. If you’re not sure whether it’s successfully uninstalled or not, do check for leftover files or folders on your hard disk drive manually using Windows Explorer (e.g., by typing %program files%\IObit malware fighter).

How To Uninstall IObit Malware Fighter Manually?

To uninstall IObit malware fighter manually, please follow these steps:

  1. Find and delete the program folder under Program Files on your hard drive.
  2. Delete the uninstall information from Registry Section  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IObit\.

For Windows 8 Users

Here is where you can uninstall IObit malware fighter in Windows 8 user interface

  1. Hover mouse pointer over the bottom right corner of desktop until Charm Bar appears then click Settings;
  2. Click Change PC settings, select Programs -> Uninstall a program, find the related program, and uninstall it;
  3. After restarting the computer, check if the IObit malware fighter still exists in Installed programs. If so, uninstall it again, following the instructions above.


The IObit Malware Fighter is an anti-virus and also an anti-malware program designed to protect yourself against malware like Trojans. It’s website “” that provides the downloading files for this software. 

Uninstalling it is pretty straightforward. The easiest method to uninstall IObit Malware Fighter is via the control panel. You need to go to the list of programs and search for the software there. Right-click on it and press uninstall. 

Another way to do it is by right-clicking the software. It opens a drop-down menu. Click on uninstall from there. But this just deletes that software. Suppose you have a copy of that software. It won’t delete that.

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