What Is A LAN Driver?

A LAN driver also enables you to share one internet connection with your devices on the same local area network (LAN). Every Ethernet network card, or other Ethernet-enabled hardware, must have a LAN driver installed to work. Generally, a computer’s motherboard comes with a few spare drivers. Still, if you need extra LAN drivers, you can buy them from a computer hardware manufacturer or a retailer that sells computer parts.

A LAN driver is a necessary and integral component for any Ethernet-enabled computer. Without it, you will not be able to access the internet or use your other Ethernet-enabled devices. A LAN driver also enables you to share one internet connection with all your devices on the same network.

What Is A LAN Driver?

A LAN driver is a device used to supply your computer with the software it needs to connect to a network. To fully understand how this works, you need to understand the basics of how networks and networking work. 

It’s easy to see why many people call it a LAN driver since this software is designed to give your computer access to the local area network. Your personal computer needs specific applications to connect with other computers over networks. The LAN driver connects these two pieces by providing information to communicate correctly.

A LAN driver is essential for networking, but it wouldn’t do anything without hardware. Unless your computer has a compatible network card installed already on it, you won’t be able to use the software on your computer to connect to other devices on the local area network. In addition, this would mean that you couldn’t send or receive information from other computers either. However, suppose your computer does have a compatible card installed. In that case, the LAN driver gives it the necessary tools to exchange data with other computers that have compatible cards.

How Do I Know If I Need This LAN Driver?

There are a few ways to check to see if you have one installed on your computer. One way is to check your device manager list. You can connect it to an Ethernet network and see if there’s a symbol near the clock on the taskbar. 

Another way is checking through the complex drive properties in the control panel section. If you don’t have an Ethernet plug nearby, you can check if your computer has any wireless network adapters. If it does, there should be a driver already installed onto the WDTV.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A LAN Driver?

The benefits that you can enjoy by using a network interface LAN driver are,

  1. Faster network file transfer speeds.
  2. Your computer will be able to access a broader range of devices and peripheral types. 

For example, you can use a LAN driver with a Bluetooth device, which would otherwise require an additional wireless USB adapter for your computer to detect the device.

  1. You’ll be able to use the internet on multiple devices without experiencing reduced quality of service. 

For example, if you’re downloading a file at home using your LAN driver network connection, then you can still browse the web, check emails and play online games at reasonable speeds.

  1. This means different users will share files more efficiently within a local network without experiencing internet speed slowdowns.

Which Type Of LAN Drivers Are There?

A LAN driver is an indispensable component of a network card. It allows the systems to communicate with the network. Network cards are responsible for sending and receiving data packets through the network to connect two computers. There are three LAN drivers, namely Full/Limited/Generic.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


1) They come included in the system.

2) They are affordable.

3) The installation process is straightforward.

4) They provide good performance.

5) There is no need for any additional configuration during installation.

6) Installation process is not hardware- or operating system-dependent.

7) Installation process is independent of the size or complexity of the LAN.

8) Installation process does not require technical expertise.


1) They are not compatible with various operating systems.

2) If a newer version of the driver is released, the user will have to update it manually.

3) They allow limited access to advanced controls and settings within the system.

4) While installing them, there is no option for removing older versions from the system.

5) They are not compatible with Windows 10.

6) The installation process is complex, making it difficult for the average user to install it manually.

7) Installation process is hardware- and operating system-dependent.

8) Hardware conflicts are common during its installation resulting in connectivity issues.


A LAN driver is a computer program that allows two or more computers to share data. The most common usage of this type of software is connecting PCs in an office environment. If your company has multiple offices, chances are you’re using some form of LAN driver for file sharing and communication purposes. 

The type of LAN driver you’re using depends on the number of computers and how old your machines are. For example, if you’re connecting two personal computers to share files, chances are you’re using a universal serial bus (USB) or small computer system interface (SCSI). If both systems have Windows XP Professional installed and they aren’t too old, you might even be able to use a network adapter.

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