Juniper vs Cisco Certification: Is There A Best For Networking Careers?

juniper vs cisco

Juniper vs Cisco Certification: Is There A Best For Networking Careers?

There has always been a debate when it comes to Juniper and Cisco certifications. Once people decide on taking an exam, the first question that pops into their mind is which one to choose, i.e., which one is the best. So, can we choose the best between Juniper and Cisco certifications? 

Both Juniper and Cisco have great qualities; however, they serve candidates for different purposes. Juniper is great for those who want to be set apart in the IT industry since it is a rare certification. Cisco is in high demand, and there is prevalence in jobs, so people consider it a safer option. 

In this review of certifications, I am going to provide a comparison between Juniper and Cisco, and I will discuss in which fields might one of the two be found more suitable. I will also discuss the reasons for Cisco being in high demand and on what occasions Jupiter is the better option. 

Juniper vs. Cisco Certification: Technical Comparison 

Both Juniper and Cisco can provide a sparkly career path with their certifications. Therefore candidates always tend to pick between these two. They are similar, so people are usually confused about which one to go for.

The truth is that both of the certifications are characterized by great qualities, and it is understandable to take your time before you choose one. However, there are things that make these certifications differ from one another, and each of them can give you an advantage in a particular field. Therefore, it is smart to familiarize yourself with the benefits that Juniper and Cisco provide. 

Juniper Certification

Even though Juniper is not the leader in the IT industry of certification, it is keeping a still ground. Ever since its appearance on the market, Juniper’s influence has been felt on the market, and the company has proven to be a solid competitor to Cisco. 

The best feature of Juniper is that it is characterized by speed. Their routers have been designed with special, custom-built hardware that provides high performance, giving Juniper an advantageous point in the industry. 

The Juniper’s operating system is delicately designed, offering high speed, and that way providing simplicity, flexibility, and modularity. The operating system has always been the strong point for Juniper, giving them the ability to manage high-performance routing and handle a lot of traffic. 

When it comes to salary, it is certain that Juniper certified people would be a huge step ahead. Since it is hard to find Juniper certified experts, due to the lower demand, these candidates are usually paid more. 

Lastly, Juniper’s certification provides less competition, meaning that once you get certified, you will be able to quickly get the job you want. Since Cisco is in high demand, there are not a lot of professionals with this certification. Therefore, you will be able to stand out and probably land the job you dream of. 

Cisco Certification 

Cisco has been the dominant figure for a very long time and has been keeping the same status even today. Being the leading role in the IT industry means being in high demand; therefore Cisco’s products are prevalent on the market. 

Obtaining a Cisco certification would mean the possibility to get a job in a vast number of locations and companies, and providing yourself a place in the IT industry. It is important to point out that the competition will be higher in comparison to Juniper, but due to Cisco’s prevalence on the market, Cisco experts have a lot of options. 

This certification covers many topics and principles and focuses on the practical part more than the theoretical one. Therefore, you can expect to have amazing practical skills once you pass the exam. 

Cisco certified experts are paid enough for leading a comfortable life, and it will be definitely more than without the certification. It will enable you to get a promotion, or even think about changing the job position considering that Cisco encompasses a lot of different topics in its exams. 

Juniper Careers: Certified In Juniper Is Rare 

It is a widely known fact that Juniper certified experts are hard to find. Due to the high demand for Cisco and its products, people usually opt for the safer option. Since the preparation process is highly stressful and long, people do not want to risk further. 

However, being Juniper certified puts you on the spot. This means that you are probably going to land a job more quickly and more easily. Taking into consideration that Juniper is not as demanded as Cisco, there is less competition between applicants. 

On the other hand, there might be fewer available jobs, meaning that your search for a job needs to be precise and sometimes, longer. If you opt for a Juniper certification, you need to be prepared to take some risks career-wise. 

On a positive note, if you choose to go with Juniper, you might expect the “big bucks”, i.e., the higher salary. Due to the lower demand, Juniper experts are paid more. 

Indeed’s Cisco Count: Prevalence Of Cisco Jobs

As a dominant figure, it is understandable that in the IT industry, Cisco jobs are prevalent, and that Cisco experts might find job openings anywhere. You might easily get a promotion or a higher salary in your current working place as well. 

However, it is essential to consider that the competition is higher regarding the abundant interest both in Cisco products and certifications. Therefore, at some point, you might be faced with a lot of applicants applying for the same job position as you, meaning that it would be more difficult to get the desired job. 

Answer Is: It Depends 

It cannot be determined whether it exists the best certification for networking careers. It depends on your priorities and the aims you want to achieve with a certain certification. Therefore, you need to set your goals carefully and then decide what will work the best for you. 

Both Cisco and Juniper offer great opportunities for your career path. However, your end goal and the things you want to get out from certification will determine which option is better for you. Therefore, which one is the best depends entirely on you. 

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