Is Server+ Worth It?

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Is Server+ Worth It? 

When it comes to entering the cybersecurity field, there are a lot of certifications that you can choose from. If you have been interested in the subject, then you have probably come across the CompTIA’s Server+ certification. Now, you probably question whether Server+ is worth it and should you go for it? 

Server+ is not widely known, but it is an excellent certification if you want to get into cybersecurity or the IT industry. This is a certificate that will look good on your resume and make you stand out among the competition. Also, it provides skills that are needed for a position in the IT world.

Below, I have provided all the information you need concerning the Server+ certification, and why it might be beneficial for your career. I have discussed the benefits you get with it, and what kind of job positions you may get once you are certified. The details below will help you decide whether you need this certification or not.

What Is Server+?

The Server+ is a global certification provided by CompTIA which enables candidates to gain skills and knowledge in installing, managing, and troubleshooting servers in data centers. It is the only certificate that is not focused only on one platform, meaning that IT professionals can work in different environments. 

In the preparation process, the candidates have the opportunity to learn the concepts of different hardware and software technologies. On the Server+ exam, the candidates have to show skills in securely deploying, administering, and troubleshooting servers. To pass the exam, they have to show hands-on experience, and the ability to approach and resolve an issue in a quick and proper manner. 

What Skills Do You Get After The Server+ Exam?

In the preparation period, the candidates are required to learn the concepts and the theories of different technologies, as well as experience in managing and using them. Therefore, once you pass the Server+ exam, you are proven to have obtained certain skills

Firstly, you are proven to be able to install and manage server hardware and storage. Secondly, you have the skills to control and manage different servers, including OS configuration, and virtualization. 

Furthermore, you will be able to resolve security issues and apply network data security methods to recover the systems. This is also a possibility to demonstrate security skills by backing up the data and taking all the safety measures to prevent any further security breaches and issues. 

Lastly, you will gain experience in troubleshooting. This means that you will be able to detect and deal with hardware and software problems, connectivity, storage, and security issues. 

Job Opportunities After The Server+

Since the Server+ exam is not focused on a single field, that means that you have a lot of job opportunities ahead of you once you pass the exam. A lot of companies require a multi-skilled expert that can do different tasks and keep the IT equipment up to date. Therefore, after the Server+, you might get a job as: 

  • System Administrator 
  • Server Administrator 
  • Data Center Technician 
  • Network Administrator 
  • Service Field Technician or Engineer 
  • Data Center Engineer 
  • IT Technician

Server+ covers many more positions, but the titles may vary from company to company. So, you can be sure that once you take and pass the exam, you will have a lot of opportunities to show off your skills. Many popular companies trust CompTIA’s Server+, among which are Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Xerox, HP, and Dell. 

How Long Is The Preparation Process For Server+? 

Since Server+ is an entry-level certification, the candidates do not need a huge amount of time for studying. However, they have to show a significant knowledge of the key concepts and theories. If you are already familiar with the topics that Server+ covers, then you will need even less time. 

Those candidates who do not have any prior knowledge, or have not taken any examinations before, will need at least six weeks to prepare for the exam. On the other hand, those who already have some experience, and are already working with different kinds of hardware and software, will need around two weeks to prepare. 

When it comes to the difficulty of the exam, the right answer would be that it depends on the prior knowledge of the candidates, and their readiness to take an exam. For example, those IT professionals who have spent a lot of their time dealing with different hardware and software would find the exam quite easy. As I previously mentioned, this is an entry-level examination, therefore for those who have been in the field for quite some time, it should not be hard to pass the Sever+. 

However, those who do not have a decent prior knowledge, or are encountering certain concepts for the first time, then they would have to work a little bit harder than the others. Even though this is a relatively easy exam, it still requires diligent work and preparation for successful results. 

Is Server+ Worth It? 

The Server+ certification is suitable for current and aspiring IT experts who are working or will work in a certain IT field. Although you might already have some kind of experience, some additional knowledge cannot harm you. 

The Server+ is not as common as Cisco for example, but it can get you to the desired job position, and it will look nice on your resume. More certifications mean more experience, and experience is what is required on the market, especially when it comes to the IT industry. 

Server+ definitely has many benefits, and it might help you in your career path. Therefore, in order to decide whether certification is worth it or not, you firstly need to consider your end goals and aims. Once you determine what a certain certification will bring you, you can decide whether it is worth it to you or not. 

The Server+ is an excellent certification that might help you out in different situations and circumstances. It is an entry-level exam, and it is easy enough even for those who do not have a lot of experience. Therefore, you will probably not make a mistake if you decide to take it. 

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