Is CompTIA Project+ Worth It?

Is CompTIA Project+ Worth It?

Are you looking for a new job in IT? Can you imagine the possibility of a promotion? The Project+ exam will cost you $338.00. While you can pay it in $31 monthly installments, it’s still a substantial investment for an entry-level IT project management specialist. At this point, you might be wondering whether the CompTIA Project+ is worth it.

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Indeed, CompTIA Project+ is worth the time investment. CompTIA is neutral and focuses on the IT industry. Project+ is the absolute best certification for beginner project managers. It’ll open the door for career advancement, earning more, and building credibility.

In this article, you’ll understand what Projec+ is all about and what you can expect to learn from it. Project+ can launch your career in project management and pave the way to a better future, so keep reading.

How Does Project+ Work?

First of all, both IT specialists and general professionals can benefit tremendously from earning the Project+ certification. By enrolling, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the required skills to manage small and medium projects efficiently. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the common mistakes of project management and how you can avoid them.

Project+ is the perfect launching pad to more advanced project management roles as you start by mastering small projects and achieving their goals. It’ll help you develop the bedrock knowledge that’ll help you become a world-class project manager.

Project+ is a generalist certification for those who want to grasp fundamental project management concepts. It touches on a wide variety of principles without focusing too much on a specific aspect of project management.

It’s why this certification makes the perfect way to get into project management. By learning the overall concepts around available project management systems, you’ll discover the aspect that captures your fancy. Then, you can specialize in the branch you like with knowledge of it connected with other concepts.

The Objectives Of The Exam

What are the exam objectives? These are the main areas of the exam objectives by the percentage of examination. You can get more information about the exam objectives and practice questions by entering your information on the CompTIA website here.

  • Project Basics: 36%
  • Project Constraints: 17%
  • Communication & Change Management: 26%
  • Project Tools and Documentation: 21%

Why Project Basics Will Help You Lay The Foundation?

Project Basics makes up a whopping third of the whole certification, so it covers lots of topics.

You’ll learn to summarize the properties of a project. Like, whether it’s a temporary project. Also, the primary drivers of starting the project in the first place.

Next, there’s the part about classifying project roles and responsibilities. Here, you’ll cover things like funding, marketing, and roadblocks.

You’ll also learn how to initiate, plan, and execute a project. This part is also about monitoring and controlling the project’s budget. Lastly, there are also some teachings about closing the project.

This part will teach you the basics of project cost control like total project cost, expenditure tracking, and recording, and burn rate. You’ll also learn about common types of project management organizational structures.

As part of Project Basics, you’ll learn how to predict and prepare for unpredictable events that may hamper your project. Project+ also includes an introduction to the Agile methodology in project management.

It’ll teach you about resource management concepts, how to manage human resources, and managing personnel.

How Can Project Constraints Help You Predict The Future?

The Project Constraints domain includes ways to analyze and predict how various scenarios can affect the project’s progress. For example, common constraints include budget, scope, and deliverables.

This part will show you the lifecycle of a project and how to navigate these common scenarios. It also includes some parts about project influences such as change requests, scope creeps, and constraint reprioritization.

How do you counterattack and balance these constraints? By understanding the relationships between them. It’s what this part is all about.

Communication & Change Management Will Teach You Navigation

The second biggest part of the Project+ certification is the Communication & Change Management domain.

It provides you with various ways of communication, how to use them, and their impact on the project. You’ll also learn what communication method to use for what end.

Some chapters cover the differences between factors influencing communication. Things like time zone, technological, and cultural differences.

It goes deep into explaining project management communication. That way, you’ll learn about audits, milestones, and risk management.

Understanding everyone’s involvement in the project, you’ll learn to implement change quickly. This part is also about recognizing types of organizational change and how project management is part of the process.

Project Tools and Documentation To Safeguard Your Career

21% of Project+ is about Project Tools and Documentation. It means you’ll be working with project management software to bring the best results. You’ll learn about charts, building knowledge bases, and performance measurement tools.

Generally, you’ll learn about all the documents related to project management, from analyzing to working with other teams in other companies.

Why CompTIA Project+ Is Worth It?

Project+ comes from one of the most highly esteemed IT-specific educators. CompTIA isn’t pushing any specific software to use, and that makes the curriculum applicable on a larger scale.

If you’ve been working as a project manager for years or starting your journey, with Project+ under your belt, you gain credibility. It signals that you know project management to potential employees, so they’ll trust your skills more.

When you’re self-taught, and even when you’re the best in what you do, companies need to verify your claims. Project+ will not only help you verify your expertise, but it’ll also academically cement your knowledge.

Sometimes, all you need to advance in your career is a gentle nudge in the right direction. Project+ is that sign you’ve been waiting for.

If you love working in IT and want to get into the industry, project management is an excellent entry point. Whether you choose to switch to another discipline within IT or carry on your project management journey, this certification is all you need.

Nothing can go wrong as the skills you’ll learn are transferable to other IT jobs. So, yes, CompTIA Project+ is worth it.

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