Is CompTIA Cloud+ Worth It?

Is CompTIA Cloud+ Worth It?

Cloud computing is taking the world by storm. The tech world is moving to the cloud step by step. Undoubtedly, it’s a sexy career for those interested in technology. But to get in, you need to prove to employers that you know your stuff. So, if you’re considering whether the CompTIA Cloud+ worth it or not, here’s what to know:

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Cloud+ can be your ticket into the world of cloud computing. While it’s an entry-level certificate, it’s still worth the effort you put into it because it’ll teach you the fundamentals of cloud computing. It’ll help you get a job, and that’s why you should give it some serious consideration.

Cloud+ is perfect for you if you want to learn cloud computing at your own pace. But there’s a catch. If you already have some cloud computing experience, it might not be necessary to apply for Cloud+. In this article, you’ll also know Cloud+ alternatives, so the story goes:

The Case For Cloud+

For a complete beginner, Cloud+ is more than worth it, it’s a foundational piece for a successful career.

Cloud computing isn’t something you learn on your own. You can find free online training from the top vendors, but without real-life experience, your knowledge is what it is.

So, Cloud+ is worth it because it’ll open the door to an actual job that’ll help you get the necessary field experience to launch your career in cloud technology.

Cloud+ covers the basics and allows you to have hands-on practice on fundamental concepts as well.

Even if you’re super intelligent and can teach yourself and build your own projects, your chances to land a job in the real world will increase with a certificate to your name.

Most employers recognize Cloud+ certified individuals as able, knowledgeable, and skillful cloud engineers. So, it’ll boost your credibility when compared to uncertified candidates.

At least, Cloud+ on your resume will make it stick out to employers who understand what it means.

So, all the time you spend studying and getting certified will pay off in the end.

Cloud+ can help you start a career. There’s no doubt about that. But you’ll need to continue learning to advance as a cloud engineer.

While you’re on the job, you’ll not only get more experienced, but you’ll also get to determine the career path you want. You can continue your education adjacent to your day job.

Make sure to check out the list of Cloud+ alternatives if you think you can skip it. But first, understand why Cloud+ might not be worth it.

The Case Against Cloud+

When you’re too deep down the rabbit hole, it makes no sense to go back. The only way is forward.

If you worked a few cloud computing jobs, it doesn’t make economic sense to get into Cloud+. Even if you’ve some networking experience, there’s no point in going back.

You probably have enough experience to go for product-based certification, pass the exam, and get certified. You probably also have a solid foundation in one of them, so you might as well build on that experience. Likewise, you have some idea what’s your favorite cloud computing service provider that you’re most comfortable with.

There are a handful of cloud service providers from Google, SAP, to Salesforce. All of them provide some free training in addition to specialized certification.

If you think about it, most of the companies rely on these cloud service providers. So, no matter the career path you choose, there’s a sector that needs your skills. But first, you have to develop these skills.

It might be a long-term decision, but you’ll have the ability to specialize in serving a definite sector. And you don’t need more than that.

Even when you’re planning to start your own company, you’ll be more marketable when you advertise yourself as a specialist in a specific cloud service provider.

At that level, Cloud+ is a nice-to-have rather than a foundational certificate. In other words, you don’t need it, and it’s not worth your time. With that said, what are some Cloud+ alternatives?

List of Cloud+ Alternatives

Here’s a list of product-based cloud computing certifications cheaper than Cloud+.

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Cloud Digital Leader by Google
  • Cloud Engineer also by Google
  • 6th Generation Elastic Compute Service Technical Essentials by Alibaba Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Essentials V3
  • IBM Cloud Core
  • SAP Global Certification
  • VMware Certified Technical Associate
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VMware Certified Design Expert

Is Cloud+ Worth It Or Not Worth It?

Cloud+ is worth it when you’re building your career from the ground up. It’s an entry-level certification that’s recognized industry-wide. It can help you grasp the fundamentals of cloud computing.

You can use it to prove you know your stuff when applying for jobs in the cloud technology sector. Once you get an entry-level position and build your experience, you can start looking into advanced degrees.

Furthermore, it’ll open the door to explore more options and discover the industry in your location.

Since most organizations are already using cloud services from giants like Amazon, Google, and Azure, you may want to specialize in one of them. Amazon, Google, and Azure are offering cheaper online training that you can take from home.

You’re going to work with vendor-specific cloud services, so it makes sense to specialize in one of the primary cloud service providers.

If you’re reading this when you already have some experience, you can skip Cloud+ altogether and jump into specializing in product-based cloud computing.

Wrapping up, Cloud+ is worth it when you have no experience and want to get an entry-level or an internship to start your career. It’s not worth it if you have some experience. In that case, you may want to go straight into a vendor-specific certificate as it’ll help you progress to management-level jobs much faster.

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