Is CBT Nuggets Enough to Pass the CCNA?

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Is CBT Nuggets Enough to Pass the CCNA?

The CCNA exam is the only way for you to get a CCNA certification. Having a CCNA certification is great for your resume because a lot of companies are in need of specialists who know the ins and outs of running a system that is based on Cisco’s network and services.

So, if you want to pass the CCNA, you have to train yourself using materials such as CBT Nuggets. But is CBT Nuggets enough for you to pass the CCNA?

If you are looking for a good way to train, CBT Nuggets may be enough for training alone but you should also use other materials for study. It will always be better for you to diversify your study materials but CBT Nuggets on its own may already be enough for video courses.

Whether or not CBT Nuggets is enough to pass the CCNA exam should be a case to case basis but the video training that CBT Nuggets should have everything you need to know to pass the certification from Cisco.

However, that may not always be the case. That is why you should read on to find out more about CBT Nuggets and the resources you might need to pass the exam.

How hard is it to pass the CCNA exam?

The CCNA exam may be a bit more difficult than the old ones because of how you are now required to have a wider knowledge base and training instead of only knowing about a few topics.

But as with anything, if you put in the time and dedication, the CCNA is manageable. It allows you to push through the un-comfortability of not knowing through dedicating a little bit of your time into it daily.

The new CCNA no longer has any focus area and is going to cover all of the networking fundamentals. As such, you would need to be able to cover all of the basics and to have a wider understanding of the topics instead of just focusing on a few specialties.

This is what can make the CCNA exam more challenging than it ever was considering that there is a need for you to cover more ground while preparing for it.

Is CBT Nuggets enough for you to pass the CCNA

CBT Nuggets is an online resource site that offers you different training courses for several certification exams.

Of course, this includes the CCNA, which has become a bit more difficult than it was before considering how wide the scope of topics has become after all of the different exams were consolidated into one.

So, in relation to that, is it enough for you to only use CBT Nuggets to pass the CCNA exam? Well, it really depends.

Generally speaking, the online course materials and videos that CBT Nuggets offers you are as complete as they can be when it comes to the topics, concepts, and training you would need to pass the CCNA.

However, on the other side, any kind of certification exam can be tricky especially now that the CCNA exam covers a wider range of topics that you need to fundamentally know and understand.

In such a case, it might be better for you to diversify your study materials as well by supplementing CBT Nuggets with other resources.

CBT Nuggets’ easy to understand videos

One of the best features of the CBT Nuggets’ training program for the CCNA is that it offers you different videos that are very easy to understand and will not take time for you to watch.

The reason is that the course videos are only a few minutes longer because of how the industry experts behind the course understand that the human brain is able to digest and absorb information better when it is given in small increments rather than in huge chunks.

On top of that, the videos offer you a whiteboard-style approach that will make it seem like you and the expert on the video are talking like it’s a one-on-one tutorial. Despite that approach, the videos are quite in-depth and cover all that you need to pass the CCNA exam.

The entire course package has a total of 436 videos that are only a few minutes long and the entire program will last for 59 hours’ worth of training.

But, then again, the videos are quite easy to understand even for people who have no basic training or background in the topics covered by the CCNA exam.

CBT Nuggets additional resources

Aside from the course video that CBT Nuggets offers you, other resources as well including 57 different virtual labs that are amazing at making you feel like you are doing a hands-on approach at learning more about the different topics covered by the CCNA exam.

Remember here that being CCNA-certified means that you should be able to actually apply your skills hands-on instead of just theoretically, and that is why the virtual labs are effective at giving you the same kind of feeling you would have in an actual face-to-face training course.

Meanwhile, CBT Nuggets also offers you one practice exam that promises to mimic the same kind of feel and pressure of an actual CCNA exam. The people behind the training course also believe that passing the practice exam means that you are more than ready to take on the actual exam itself.

Other resources alongside CBT Nuggets

People in the tech community believe that it will always be better for you to supplement your main resource by using other resources as well. That is why we have listed a few resources that you may want to use alongside CBT Nuggets.

  2. CCNA Routing and Switching
  3. CCNA Preparation Library
  4. Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide
  5. CCNA Practical Studies

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