Is AWS a Good Career?

Is AWS a Good Career?

Is AWS a Good Career?

Nowadays, with the world becoming more digital every single minute, many more opportunities in the IT world have opened up for those who would want to seek a career there. The AWS is one of those careers as Amazon Web Services is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cloud computing platforms in the entire world. But just because AWS itself is big, is it good to have a career in AWS?

A career in AWS is actually good because of how AWS is the most widely used cloud platform in the entire world especially when it comes to businesses. That means that they are always in demand especially when more and more companies are using and integrating AWS in their businesses.

Considering that AWS is still rapidly rising today with many more companies going the way of cloud computing as opposed to traditional computing, careers in AWS are still on the rise as well. Of course, the stability and pay you get when you work in AWS are also only going to get better and better.

Is AWS Certification enough to get a job?

If you want to work in AWS, you don’t have to actually go to college because the one thing that makes you qualified to apply for jobs requiring AWS is an AWS certification. Of course, the only way for you to get an AWS certification is for you to review for an AWS certification exam and pass it to get yourself certified.

But, after getting yourself an AWS certification, does it follow that you are already going to get a job? Is the AWS certification enough to land you a good offer in the job market? Well, it really depends on the situation of every individual job applicant holding an AWS certification.

For one, the type of certification you have matters a lot. The beginner-level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner won’t be able to land a job faster than someone holding an AWS SysOps Administration certification. The higher-level AWS certifications will make it easier for you to get a job regardless of whatever your other credentials are.

Of course, your skills and credentials outside of your AWS certification also matter a lot to prospective employers. If you have also highlighted your other skills in your resume, you will land a job much faster. Meanwhile, those with experience in the field of AWS will also have an advantage over those who are not as experienced.

In short, the AWS certification is a gateway for you in the job market because it allows you to become qualified for a lot of different jobs. But the question here now boils down to what your prospective employer prefers and what he or she is looking for. So, essentially, an AWS certification will land you a job but there is no guarantee how long it will take you to get one or how competitive you will become in comparison to your other fellow AWS certification holders.

Are AWS jobs in demand?

So, if you are thinking of getting an AWS certification, you might be wondering if there are enough jobs out there in the market for you. Well, the truth is that AWS is very much in demand and is still growing in terms of its demand as more and more companies are adopting AWS for their cloud computing solutions.

There are simply plenty of different opportunities available for those holding AWS certifications. In 2017, it controlled about 42% of the entire cloud computing market but that number is expected to rise to more than 50% by the end of 2020. 

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of companies that are in demand for AWS certification holders. In the job posts, you can see online regarding cloud computing, 60% of them are all looking for AWS certification holders proving once again that AWS certification holders are still very much in demand in the job market.

That said, by simply making a quick Google search, you will see that there are more and more companies looking for prospective employees holding AWS certifications considering that cloud computing is still on the rise and AWS is at the head of this recent surge in cloud computing. This only goes to show that it might be a good idea to explore your options by getting an AWS certification and trying your hand in the job market in case you want to have a career in AWS.

Is AWS a good career?

All things considered, is AWS a good career path for you if you want to be able to earn well and have a stable job? Absolutely!

In terms of stability, you can never doubt that a career in AWS will give you a stable job that will most likely be a lot more stable than a lot of the other jobs in different industries around the country. 

For example, in the recent COVID-19 pandemic, AWS certification holders were still able to keep their jobs and were more likely to stay employed or get employed because of how their jobs are not as volatile to sudden changes in the economy and on the habits of consumers as companies will always be in need of cloud computing solutions and services.

Of course, the consistent rise of cloud computing in a lot of different industries around the country will only make a career in AWS more stable than it already is. And when you factor in the average annual salary of those with careers in AWS, you would be surprised to know that they are actually earning more than $100,000, which is way above the $36,000 annual average income that most Americans have.

In short, AWS is a good career path for you because it is stable and it pays well. And when you factor in the fact that we are still growing into the digital world, the potential of AWS and cloud computing platforms is seemingly endless.


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