How To Shutdown pfSense?

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How To Shutdown pfSense?

pfSense is a free and open-source firewall and router distribution. It has been in development since 2004 when it was called m0n0wall. The project aims to be easy for new users with no previous networking experience to configure while still powerful enough for experts who require advanced features.

pfSense includes an integrated packet sniffer which can log all traffic passing through the system if desired; this is similar in functionality to tcpdump for Wireshark.

Different Ways Of Shutting Down pfSense

There are several methods for shutting down the firewall you have been assigned as part of your remote access task. The alternative to shutting down the firewall is just logging out and forgetting about it.

Manual Shutdown

There are several tools associated with each method. The first method is a manual shutdown followed by an automatic restart upon login. This is the easiest option but also requires that you have a session running at all times. To do this, log into your account, type shutdown -r in the command prompt, then close the window.

Creating Executable Files

The second option requires that you create an executable file on your desktop, which will shut down and restart pfSense after opening it with the following commands: cp idemo shutit restartit awk ‘{print” cp idemo shutit restartit”}’ >> /home/user/.bash_aliases chmod +x !$

Using Crontab Command

The third option is to use the crontab command. This will automatically shut down and start pfSense at intervals set by you. To use this method, open up your crontab with crontab -e and add the codes below.

SHUTDOWN = “/sbin/shutdown -h now” CRONLOG= /opt/cronlog CRONDIR=”/var/spool/$LOGNAME/.cron” */5 * * * * $CRONLOG /usr/local/sbin/pfSsh >/dev/null 2>&1 @reboot $SHUTDOWN -r &> /dev/null “Warning potentially disruptive operation” will be displayed.

If so, type crontab -e again and replace the asterisks with an identifier for the time interval you want pfSense to check if it needs to be shut down or not. To get your crontab ID, run the command crontab -l and note the number in the first column from the left from each line that begins with a ‘@.’ Write down this number followed by an asterisk, for example, if your ID were 2, you would write: @2 * * * * $CRONLOG /usr/local/sbin/pfSsh >/dev/null 2>&1.

Creating A Switch In pfSense

The fourth option is to use pfSense itself by creating a switch in the System>Advanced menu, which will allow shutdown through the pfSense web interface.

Lastly, you can configure your PC’s power settings to automatically shut down once you stop using it to save power.

Benefits Of Using pfSense

Besides being free, pfSense offers many advantages when compared to other alternatives. The most common alternative is the use of a firewall appliance with a proprietary operating system. For users looking for an appliance-based solution with a fully equipped GUI-based interface, pfSense is the best option.

The most significant benefit of using pfSense is that hardware restrictions do not limit it. As an open-source software package, it is compatible with any type of hardware, including servers and embedded units. This allows administrators to deploy pfSense in different types of networks at a minimal cost.

Another advantage of using pfSense is its unique features that cannot be found in any other product on the market today. Unlike traditional firewalls, pfSense logs all possible firewall events, including those caused by the operating system. This allows administrators to have a complete history of malicious users and attacks that have been blocked from reaching their network.

Different Types Of Licenses Available For Purchase

This software is available in different types of licenses that depend on the intended usage. The most common license is the personal edition. It includes the full functionality of the operating system with no limitations. However, this license does not include any commercial-use rights meaning it can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

The prices range depending on the type of license that you choose to buy. License is also based on duration. A 3-year license for $25 USD for the life of your product if your subscription expires, then it would be $7.50/year, or you can renew it. For professional use, licenses are available yearly at the price of $5 USD per year or an unlimited-use annual license which will cost you $10 USD per year.


pfSense is software created to provide firewall protection for your network. It’s an open-source project that can be downloaded and installed on computers with suitable hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi or Intel Atom-powered machines. Thisicle has discussed various methods to shutdown pfSense, which will assist you in shutdown. 

As this article has shown you, pfSense offers many benefits to users looking for firewall protection in their networks. We hope we’ve provided enough information about what pfSense is and methods to shut down, so you will not find any difficulty using the pfSense.

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