How To Set Up Bunker Hill Security Network?

With the increasing crime rates, security systems have become a need in every institution, industry, home, and store. The Bunker Hill Security system is a wireless security system that can make your home and work securely. The Bunker Hill Security system can help you monitor or protect your home, office, and industrial areas.

The Bunker Hill Wireless Security System allows us to monitor our homes from anywhere using an internet connection. It can track the activities of people around you through its wireless communication network. It also helps us protect our assets from any possible hazard or damage due to accidents or acts of nature. You can avail these services by maintaining a suitable and effective communication network and some advanced features in your security system available at competitive prices in India.

Features Of Bunker Hill Security System

The Security System is designed and developed using wireless technology. Following are some of the features of the Bunker Hill Security System. 

  1. This affordable system can track activities on your property and can be monitored by an individual from any corner of the world with a working internet connection. 
  2. It also helps you in monitoring your kids, pets, elders, workmates, or employees. Different kinds of products allow us to monitor our homes from anywhere, such as indoor cameras for home security and outdoor CCTV cameras, which include an audio facility to permit two-way communication with whoever we want to communicate through. 
  3. Once we have installed these products, we only need to create a network by following some simple steps available online or through manuals included in the box.

Benefits Of Bunker Hill Security System

Bunker Hill Security Network is used in different security sectors, including offices, homes, and industries.

  1. Protect your home from burglars.
  2. Monitor home activities while you are outside.
  3. Less expensive than installing a traditional security system.
  4. No monthly fees or contracts are required.
  5. Accessible with an internet connection anytime, anywhere.
  6. Extendable up to 500 sensors over a wireless network.
  7. Two-way voice communication between the sensor and receiver unit allows the user to communicate with visitors at the door before opening it.
  8. Provides signals for telephone calls if motion sensors activate while you are away from home on vacation etc.
  9. Another advantage of having a Bunker Hill Wireless Security System at home or office is that no expert technical knowledge is required. All its functions are available in a touch screen interface that any non-technical person could handle.

How To Set Up Bunker Hill Security Network?

  1. Ensure whether your laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are compatible with the Bunker Hill Security Network.
  2. Install a router in your home or office for a wireless connection from where you can access the internet.
  3. Get an active internet connection from your ISP, for which you have to pay the monthly security fees.
  4. To connect with Bunker Hill Security System, download their app on your mobile phone, laptops, and tablets. After that, switch on the Bluetooth of all these devices and pair them with each other by following some instructions till the end.
  5. Connect all connected devices through a wired or wireless network and a modem connected to a router connected to the ISP modem for uninterrupted network connectivity.
  6. Use the same app on your mobile phone or laptop to control your home or office security system for any kind of movement near you.
  7. Get the best advantage of this Bunker Hill Security System by using its advanced features like instant notification alerts, 24*7 monitoring through internet-enabled devices, and also get an alarm sent to your mobile number if required during an emergency. You can even see your cameras live on the internet anytime, anywhere for free of cost.
  8. Download its android app, which is available in the Google store without paying any additional charges for installation purposes to monitor your Bunker Hill Security System remotely through Thruway satellite network technology. It’s one of the best features because you can’t trace it quickly as this technology uses a satellite network that is difficult to track.
  9. Bunker Hill Security System also offers you some advanced features like monitoring multiple sites simultaneously and taking snapshots of the detected movement near you for an effective security arrangement.
  10. If you want to know about this Bunker Hill Wireless Security System, download its manual from the website or contact your dealer for immediate help for more information.


In this era of advanced technology, it becomes essential to know the latest technologies to get an enhanced security system. This Bunker Hill Wireless Security System offers you a complete solution for your security needs at home or office using its wireless network features. It’s just a matter of time how fast the public will adopt this system because it needs time.

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