How to Reset Xfinity Router: A Complete Guide

How to Reset Xfinity Router: A Complete Guide

Xfinity routers are great devices aimed at giving you internet connection at a great speed no matter where you find yourself, be it at home or in the office, the router simply needs to be on and connected to your device, now, you can enjoy your phone or laptop with internet access. However, like all other devices, the Xfinity router might act up and need resetting.

There are a bunch of reasons why your Wi-Fi router may need resetting, it may be that the devices which are connected to it are a bit too much for the poor router to process all at once, considering that in our households today, everyone has a whole lot of devices that require internet access, from, phones to laptops and TVs. 

In addition, some share these routers with families, friends, and neighbors. So, when your Xfinity router becomes not so efficient, you should find out how to reset your Xfinity router without causing any more damage to the device.

What is Xfinity?

Introduced in 2010, Xfinity is a branch of Comcast (Parent Company) which is widely popular for its internet and TV services offered in the United States. Comcast was primarily the internet service provider but in 2010, it was in the process of merging with NBC. So, the upper management thought that it would be confusing for the consumers. 

Hence, Xfinity was formed. However, Comcast remained the parent company but its telecom services were rebranded under the name “Xfinity”. 

Why Does My Xfinity Router Need Resetting?

There is a bunch of reasons why your Wi-Fi router may need resetting. Firstly, as mentioned above, your router may have been clogged with too many devices and users connected to it. 

It could also be due to a change in the up address of the device you had previously been using, this happens automatically, but also rarely, however, when it does happen, your router may act up and fail to connect with that device.

Also, once you have successfully restarted your Xfinity router, it connects to your devices much quicker and also enhances the internet speed by a whole lot. 

What Are the Factors that Impact Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Various factors can lead to a low level of Wi-Fi connectivity. Some of the major issues are; if the number of Wi-Fi devices connected to your network is very high then probably your connectivity will be weak. 

Sometimes during peak hours, there is interference from the neighboring Wi-Fi networks, this can also lead to a low level of connectivity. 

It’s not always the Wi-Fi, sometimes the mobile device you are using has certain limitations that can affect the level of connectivity of your router. 

The most common connectivity issue arises when the distance between your router and a mobile device is very large.

How Do I Prevent My Router from Malfunctioning?

Your Xfinity router may malfunction due to a bunch of reasons. It might be the fact that you use it in a densely populated area where everyone is on the internet or perhaps your router itself has become densely populated, with more devices on it than it can handle.

Another reason may be due to another Wi-Fi router being in close proximity to the Xfinity router, this could hinder the Xfinity router from behaving appropriately. To protect the Xfinity router in this case, simply move it or the other wireless device from the other. 

To know when your Xfinity router needs to be reset, it usually shows some signs, some of these signs are; abrupt stoppage in the usual functionality of the router, the LED lights may suddenly start blinking, the speed may slow down and it may become generally unresponsive. 

To prevent your Xfinity router from developing the above errors, you should take good care of the router, keep it away from damp areas, use a safe and secure password that is only accessible to you and trusted folks. If an error does develop, and your Xfinity router develops a problem, your best option is to restart and/or reset your Xfinity router so keep reading to learn how to restart a Xfinity router.

How Can I Fix My Router?

Fixing your router can be done by yourself through some safe methods that would not damage your router such as twisting the wires, this may do the trick a couple of times but before you know it, your router would become permanently damaged.

However, one of the ways by which you can fix your router is by simply unplugging it and waiting approximately thirty seconds before plugging it back, and just like that, it becomes fully functional once again.

Nevertheless, you could also try using a timer adapter, go to your nearest gadget store and get yourself one of these little wonder-workers.

To use it is pretty simple, just plug it in an outlet around the house and set it to restart the router, at specific times, preferably at times when nobody would be using the internet. Nevertheless, there is another way, and that is by resetting the Xfinity router manually.

How To Reset Xfinity Router?

There are many ways to reset your Xfinity router but before moving further you should know that resetting your modem means that your device will return to factory default settings which means you will have to configure it again. 

Here is the complete set of instructions you need while resetting your Xfinity router. 

Method #1 Manual/Pinhole Method

To reset your Xfinity router manually, you need to follow just three basic steps and they are  as follows:

  • Find the reset/pinhole button

The factory reset button of the Xfinity router is a tiny little depressed button that can be found hidden at the back of the router. It was carefully placed there in order to avoid mistakenly pressing the button by mistake. 

Nevertheless, to make it easy to find, the button was designed to have a distinct color from the rest of the router, for example, a black router would most likely have a red reset button to make it easily identifiable by the user.

  • Long press the button

As mentioned earlier, this button is hidden, tiny, and depressed so you can’t just press it with your fingers, as your fingers would not reach it. So, if you want to reach this button, you would need an equally tiny but long instrument, for example, a pin or paperclip. Push the button with the paper clip and keep it that way for a short while, then you would notice that the LED lights at the front of the router have begun to turn off, once this has happened, you can now let go of the button.

  • Now, you wait

You would need to wait a couple of minutes for the router to automatically come on. Once it does, this means that the resetting process has been successfully completed, so now, the router is as good as a new piece. 

This means you would have to repeat the process you did when you began using the router, you would need to set a password, you could use the same password that everybody is used to, or change it to one that is stronger. Whichever one you choose, your router is working fine now, and you may not need to reset it for a while.

Method #2 Using Xfinity Website

Using the Xfinity website to reset your router is also a very simple method, you just need to follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your search browser and type in the address bar. 
  • You will land on the Xfinity website. Now you just have to log in by typing ‘admin’ in the username and ‘password’ in the password section.
  • Now on the left side of the page, you will find a ‘Troubleshooting’ tab, click on it and you will see a drop-down menu. Just choose “Reset/Restore Gateway”.
  • After this find the tab that says “Restore Factory Setting”. That’s it your Xfinity router is all rebooted,

Method #3 Using Xfinity Assistance

If you are still unable to reset your Xfinity router using the above two methods then you can reach out to Xfinity Assistance. In this method, you have to reach out to a chat box where your concerns and complaints are registered regarding your products. 

The customer care provided by Xfinity is available 24/7. So, you don’t have to worry, you can reach out to Xfinity Assistance anytime and anywhere. 

Sometimes the technical aspects are way out of your reach and by using this method you will be connected with people who have the wider technical knowledge and can solve your problem more efficiently. 

So, if you are still unsure of how to fix your Xfinity router, it is better to reach out for technical support provided by Xfinity to avoid further problems with your router. 

How To Restart Xfinity Router?

Whatever the problem, restarting the router is a sure and authentic way to fix it. By restarting your Xfinity router, you will not lose your network setting and your problem will be resolved in a couple of minutes. 

To do so is pretty simple and the process takes less than 10 minutes, you just need to follow the set of instructions we are going to discuss in this article. 

But before moving further you should know a few things that happen when you restart your Xfinity router. During the process of restating, you will not be able to use your home network neither you will be able to make or receive calls if you have Xfinity voice. This happens until your router is back online. 

Now let’s get familiar with the steps you should take while restarting your Xfinity router. 

  • Just get your router.
  • Find the restart button at the back ( this button is usually hidden but of a different color).
  • Press the button till the LED lights at the front of the router come on. 
  • Simply wait for a couple of minutes and voila! Your router is as good as new. 

You can also use an alternative method by simply unplugging your router for a minute and plug the power cable back in.

How To Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Who doesn’t want Wi-Fi with amazing connectivity, in order to improve the connectivity of your Wi-Fi you need to keep a few things in mind. If you want great Wi-Fi coverage and strength then make sure your Wi-Fi router is rightly placed. 

You should ensure that it is placed in a central area of your home so that the connectivity is optimal for every portion of your house. The Xfinity router should be elevated from the floor and should be in an upright position.

To enhance your Wi-Fi connectivity, just place your Xfinity in an open space so that there are no obstructions. You can also use one name and password for your home Wi-Fi network to gain better connectivity. 

In order to minimize interference, make sure that your Xfinity router is away from walls, furniture, metal surfaces halogen/fluorescent lighting, microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, computer monitors, most cordless phones, baby monitors, and large amounts of water like aquariums and water heaters.

Final Thoughts

Your Xfinity router is guaranteed to make your internet lifestyle more convenient with so much speed and power that you may never have to be offline again. 

However, it is not infallible, it could get some issues as well, they could be due to a couple of reasons such as neighbors and friends knowing your password and connecting to your router with a whole lot of devices. 

This is why it is recommended that you change your password to a more secure one after the entire process, or could also just be that the good old router has just gotten a bit old and needs a little servicing among a bunch of reasons.

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