How to reset Linksys router password: A Beginner’s Guide

How to reset Linksys router password: A Beginner’s Guide

How to reset Linksys router password: A Beginner’s Guide

Linksys Routers are devices used to provide wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connections for businesses, homes schools, and public space. Your Linksys Router admin password is used to access the web-based setup page, and Linksys cloud accounts to initiate configuration and verification settings. It is also used for Remote Management. Hence, it is important to keep the login credentials of the router safe and secure to prevent compromising its services. However, if you suspect foul play of any kind or you have forgotten your Linksys login credentials, this article focuses on three methods with which you can reset, update and change your password. These methods include;

  • Restore your Linksys Router to the Default setting
  • Reset router password through Linksys cloud account or Linksys Connect
  • Change the username and password via a web-based setup page

Restore your Linksys Router to the Default setting

If you forgot or lost the Router’s password, you can reset the device back to the factory default setting. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Locate the reset button on your device; Search the body of the Router for its Reset button. It is usually recessed in a tiny hole either at the back or bottom of the device to prevent accidental factory resets. 
  • Press and hold the Reset button for 10-30 seconds (variation due to model). Ensure that the Power LED indicator of your device is blinking when you press and hold the reset button. This indicates that the reset protocols are in operation.
  • Release the Reset button then disconnect the device from its power source, wait for 30-60 seconds before connecting it back into the power source.

NOTE: After plugging the router back, the Power LED will keep blinking for a few seconds to stabilize after resetting. If the Power LED keeps blinking for an extensive period, power cycle the router.

  • Create new login; after completing the factory reset procedures, connect your computer to the router with either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. Access the router’s interface using the default username (‘blank field’) and password (‘admin’). Due to the Hard Reset, none of your configuration settings from previous use will remain, so you will have to reconfigure the wireless network and set up a new set of credentials and login details.
  • NOTE: you may connect your computer to the router’s interface with either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. However, you are advised to do so with an Ethernet cable for better security.

You can also perform a factory reset on your Linksys router with the web interface. After you gained access to the router web-based setup page, locate the Factory Defaults sub-tab under the Administration tab. From the Factory Defaults tab, select Restore Factory Defaults button. Once the reset process is complete, reconfigure your Linksys router according to your internet service.

Before you go through with the Hard Reset option, you may want to consider retrieving or resetting your router’s password with either of the following methods.

Retrieve your Linksys Router admin password with Linksys connect

Alternatively, if you still have a Linksys Connect configured with earlier Linksys Connect 1.4 Firmware, your Router’s admin password will be the same as your wireless password. You can also search for a Linksys notepad file on your computer. This option is viable only if you have Linksys Connect. Search your computer desktop for a notepad file created by Linksys Connect 1.4. Within this file, you will find both your Router’s admin and the wireless password.

Reset router password through Linksys cloud account

Hardware reset of your Linksys Router to Factory Defaults will result in the loss of your Router’s configuration settings and will need to go through reconfiguration before it becomes operational. To prevent this, you can update your Router’s administrator password through your Linksys Cloud account via the following steps.

  • Log into your Linksys cloud account.
  • From Router settings, click the Connectivity tab.
  • From the Basic tab, click the Edit button beside Router password.
  • Enter the information requested which includes your router’s current password with the new password you intend to use. Reenter your new password within the confirm password field to confirm the password.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • From the dialogue box that appears, click “yes”, then “ok”.

NOTE: Some Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers request that you enter only the new password and an optional Router password hint.

Change the username and password via a web-based setup page

Since the default password for Linksys router is ‘admin’, you should update the password to something more unique to prevent unauthorized access to your router.

To do this, follow these steps;

  • Login in to your Linksys router; you can do this via the router’s web interface which allows you to give instructions to the device. Open your preferred browser and enter HTTP: // into the address bar. 
  • Enter your login credentials (username and password); if you are still using the default username and password for a Linksys router, leave the username field blank and type ‘admin’ into the field labeled password.
  • Click on the Administration tab; this should be located on the far right of the navigation bar, depending on your router’s model.
  • Access the management subpage; here you will see the current username and password you are using. Enter your new router password. Ensure it is a safe and secure combination of letters and numbers that cannot be easily guessed by others but is easy for you to remember.
  • Click the ‘Save Settings’ tab.

NOTE: After changing the password, all users and computers connected to the network will be required to input the new password when they attempt to access the web-based setup page. You can use a combination of numbers and letters to make your password unique and hard to guess.

Also, changing your Router’s administration password via the web-based setup may prevent you from accessing the Linksys Connect Software. Though, if your Router is operating on the latest version of the software, it will automatically prompt you to enter the new password which you have saved via the web-based setup page.

You should note that your Linksys Router administrator password and username credentials are different from the network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password.

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