How To Renew DHCP Lease

DHCP is a protocol that assigns IP addresses to devices on a network. If you want to use DHCP, your router will provide the necessary service automatically. 

When renewing a DHCP lease, you need to renew or update your IP address configuration data with the DHCP server. Whenever the lease expires, you need to renew your DHCP lease and continue using it without interruption. In this article, we will explain how to do just that!

What is DHCP Lease?

DHCP lease is how long you can use an IP address without renewing your DHCP lease. If the device does not request a new IP after some time, the server records it as expired and marks its number on the available leases list so that other devices can access it. As soon as the device requests a new IP again, it will run an update request and that number will reassign to the device.

How to Renew DHCPLease?

Once the router selects an available IP address, “lease” is assigned. Every time your device requests a new IP address, it will identify itself with the MAC hardware address. The server then checks if this number matches previous leases in its records and assigns that number to your device when compared. 

This cycle repeats whenever you need to request another IP from the DHCP server until either of them expires. If, for some reason, there are not any free addresses left on the pool or something interrupts communication between devices and servers– like power loss- computers will not be able to access network resources anymore.

How To How To Renew DHCP Lease On Windows

  1. Press the Win + R key combination on your keyboard.
  2. Type “cmd” and press enter or click OK.  This will open up a command prompt window in your system.
  3. In this window, type ipconfig /renew and hit enter to renew DHCP lease of all network adapters configured on your computer, including wireless ones!

How To Renew DHCP Lease On Mac OS 10.13+

  1. Open up the Apple menu in your Mac OS  and select “System Preferences.”
  2. Select Network.
  3. On this window, click on the Advanced button located at the bottom left corner of it.
  4. Now go to TCP/IP tab and select Renew DHCP Lease option next to Configure IPv(DHCP) Host Name field. Make sure that you select Apply before clicking the OK or Cancel buttons.

How To Renew DHCP Lease On Linux

  1. Open up a terminal and type in sudo dhclient -r .
  2. Type your sudo password and hit enter on the keyboard.
  3. After that, type sudo dhclient again.

How To Renew DHCP Lease On Android Device

  1. Go to Settings and choose Wi-Fi in the list of options presented to you.
  2. Select your current connection from the list of available networks to which you have a connection.
  3. Tap on the network name, and from the menu that pops up choose “Forget.”
  4. You can then select your preferred wireless connection again.

How To Renew DHCP Lease On IOS Device

  1. Go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap on the network name you are connected to, then tap “Forget this Network.”
  3. To connect again, choose your preferred wireless connection from the available ones in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to renew the DHCP lease?

  1. Renewing the IP takes only a few seconds. The time taken depends upon your router speed and the strength of the internet connection on either side.  Both devices mustn’t be off during this process, especially if configured as a modem-router combination device!

Q. What happens when the DHCP lease expires?

  1. If you don’t renew the DHCP lease on time, your devices won’t be able to get access to the internet. When this happens, most of them will fall back to their default configuration and either automatically set up a new connection or prompt you for some action right away. If it’s too late and they can no longer connect to the local network either – like when the router is shut down or off – you will have to configure them for network access manually.

Q. When is DHCP lease time up?

  1. The length of your DHCP lease depends on how often the client requests an update. When you are using a mobile device, it usually gets an update every 24 hours. If it’s set to request updates less frequently – like when you’re at home and connect to the local network only- then the interval will be longer.  You can change that in your router’s settings or in software running on your computer if you want to renew the DHCP lease sooner than later.

Q. Why do I have to renew my DHCP lease?

  1. This is to make sure your network stays up and running well. If you don’t do that, there’s a chance that someone else will take the IP address that was assigned to you, which would prevent others from using it. This also prevents conflicts between devices trying to use the same number for themselves at once!


When your DHCP lease expires, immediately stop using your current IP address and do not use it until you begin the DHCP lease discovery process to lease a new IP address. 

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