How To Recover From A DDoS Attack?

How To Recover From A DDoS Attack?

How To Recover From A DDoS Attack?

Each person is concerned about his/her security from the cyber attackers. Nowadays where technology is ahead of time, cybersecurity is a must. We need to keep our devices safe from any attacks, especially from a DDoS attack.

A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is considered to be very dangerous because it interrupts your internet service and makes you unable to perform certain tasks on your network.

This means that even if you have invested heavily in your IT infrastructure for smooth operation, one methodic error will disturb everything and let the attacker breach inside your system where he takes control over all devices like servers or other computers directly connected with the internet .

The attacking strategy can place you in tight situations where you start thinking about how to recover from a DDoS attack.

Ways To Recover From DDoS Attacks

When you want to recover from any such attack, there are certain steps that can be followed as a guide. 

The foremost thing is for you to identify the problem and then find out what triggered it.

If this is your first time dealing with such issues, it might take some time but not more than expected if the right measures are taking care of things.

After you find out what triggered such an attack, you should identify the problem and then take steps to fix it.

On the basis of this data collection, we can say that there is no fixed solution for any problem and similarly here also one cannot intimate in advanced mode about the solution. 

Even though it is all said and done, there are some steps that can be taken in order to recover from a DDoS attack:

  1. Implementing additional protection software on your network.
  2. Monitoring your internet traffic with help of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) or IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).
  3. Make sure your servers, devices and other equipment are updated with the latest patches.
  4. Use DNS protection and to do this you can contact the service providers offering such services.
  5. Once you have taken all these steps, your system will be safe and secure.

Monitoring Of Devices

When you are recovering from a DDoS attack, the first thing that you should do is take proper monitoring of your network. It is very important for you to find out what are the changes inside or outside your network. The changes must be properly kept track of because they will give you an indication about what kind of threat might be coming next .

Securing Devices

After completing all these steps, if everything goes fine then it is time for you to secure all devices attached with your network which includes servers and other computers directly connected with the internet. Each device must be given proper security so that no unauthorized access can take place.

To recover from DDoS attacks the most important thing that you should do is keeping track of everything that happens inside your network or system, this will help you in maintaining integrity of data and making sure that no malware attacks are done through devices attached with your network.

Handling A DDoS Network

There could be several ways of handling a DDoS Attacked network or system by an attacker. But before going through those possible steps, let us make sure why we need to recover from DDoS attacks? 

This can be done by understanding the reason behind the attack. There could be different reasons for that like personal gain or blackmails and others.

If you want to recover from DDoS attack and at the same time overcome it, there are certain ways that can help you,

Recovering Devices From DDoS Attacks

Long before when a device used to be attacked by a virus or other malware then we used to format our system or drive clean. But today the situation has changed; it is not easy for us to format our system because most of the systems are connected with the internet now directly. 

So whenever you start formatting your devices be sure about one thing that you are formatting everything including all network resources attached with it. If this happens, again an opportunity is given to the attacker to make things happen according to his plan. 

There could be chances that the attacker has already made arrangements for this to happen. Recovery from a DDoS Attack could be done by cloning devices, making sure the right IP addresses are resolved etc. 

In short, recovering from a DDoS attack is not an easy task since there could be several problems coming up during this process which require special attention towards them if we want to make things happen in our favor.

Recovering Services

After recovering every affected system, the next step is to recover services . Recovery could be done according to their original function. Recovery of services ensures that the attacker has not stored any data in it which he/she may use at some point of time . 

Recovery from DDoS attacks means checking each and every device connected with your network to make sure that they are running properly or not!


Recovering from DDoS attack is not easy as it seems because if the attacker has made arrangements for attacking then there must be something behind it; there could be some kind of personal gain or blackmails involved. 

If this happens to any organization, they need to act fast by considering the following things like taking proper monitoring of the network, identifying each device connected with your network (it does not matter whether working now or not), securing devices and restarting services which come under attack. It is a complicated process and requires proper guidance otherwise you may end up doing more damage than good. 

Recovery process can be divided into two parts one for trojaned devices and other part for mail servers i.e.; recovery for mail servers should happen first. 

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