How To Pass The CCNA In The First Attempt

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How To Pass The CCNA In The First Attempt 

As technology has been developing, the IT industry has been growing, and along with this the need for IT professionals has been increasing. Because of the high demand, many people have been obtaining certifications to put themselves in the IT field, and one of those certifications is CCNA. So, how can you get the CCNA certification from the first attempt? 

Achieving the CCNA certificate is only possible through a decent amount of time spent studying and practicing. A well-designed plan for studying, with the right resources and good guidance is needed for passing the exam on the first attempt. It requires hard work and dedication to achieve the goal.  

In this article, I have listed the requirements for passing the CCNA from the first attempt. I have included some tips you may find helpful, but also steps that will take you to the desired certification. Furthermore, I have explained the preparation process for the exam date, so you would be familiar with all the things that happen on the day of the examination, therefore you will not take any surprises. 

Tips To Pass The CCNA 

Preparing and taking an exam is stressful and it can make you anxious during the whole preparation process. When it comes to an exam that has a high value and may determine your career in the future, it can be especially nerve-racking. However, there are always some tips that can ease up the process and make you more confident and relaxed. 

  1. Look For Practice Questions 

All around the Internet, you can find common questions that have been on the exam before. This is a good way to practice and review the material. Also, it makes you feel less nervous because that way you see you much you have improved and how much you are familiar with the exam objectives. 

  1. Lab Practice 

Nothing can be really learned without a good time spent practicing. Lab practice means putting theory into the practical part, and seeing how much you have learned, and which points need improvement. Without constant practice, you will not achieve very successful results. 

  1. Read The Glossary In The Books 

The glossary consists of definitions that are really helpful in answering questions on the written CCNA exam. Also, they give details, so you can understand each concept better and in-depth. 

  1. Exam Formats

It is really important to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. That is your first step of readiness for the examination. If you already know what is needed from you during the exam, your testing will go smoother and less stressful. 

Understanding the exam format will help you anticipate how much time you can spend on each question, so you can certainly know how much time you have for thinking over a question. Knowing the format of the exam will help you build your exam strategy. 

  1. Find The Most Important Topics 

Since the CCNA covers a lot of topics and principles of the IT field, you have to be familiar with all of the topics. However, there are certain topics that CCNA focuses on more, such as TCP/ IP Model, OSI Model, Data Flow, and different protocols. 

When you are practicing and studying, it will be a good thing to pay attention to these topics more, so you can be prepared for the questions. 

How To Take The CCNA Exam 

The first thing you will need to do is making a good plan. The plan will give you a clear view of your goal, focus points, strengths and weaknesses. If your plan is well-organized and you are disciplined enough to follow it, you are one step closer to achieving your CCNA certification. 

Once you make your plan and schedule, you need to take care of a few more steps. 

  1. Find The Right Materials And Resources 

When it comes to the proper study resources, your best option would be to go with Cisco’s books:  CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routing and Switching ICND. These are the books that people usually choose for their studying, however, there are other options you can find suitable on Cisco Press

  1. Schedule Study Sessions and Practice Exams 

As I mentioned before, it is really important that you follow a plan by which you will get on with your preparation process. Make sure that you spend each day with at least one study session. This period will be hard and you will not have much free time, but the more you study, the sooner it will be over. 

Furthermore, practice or mock exams can do you a huge favor in monitoring your progress. By doing practice tests on a regular basis, you will know your weak spots and work on them more.

  1. Get Practical Experience

The CCNA is all about the experience you possess with different technologies. Therefore, it is crucial that you possess prior experience in these notions before taking the exam. As you learn about troubleshooting and networks, you should know how to implement the same in a real-life situation. 

For these purposes, it is a smart decision to do some real practice at your home once you finish the theoretical part. This way you also remember things faster and better. 

Preparing For The CCNA Exam Date 

Once you feel ready, and you have covered all of the required materials, you should start with the final preparations. The final preparations are the same as with every other exam or test. 

Firstly, start reviewing everything you have learned. This will help you refresh your memory and build your confidence before the exam. Also, this is a convenient way to see whether you have missed something in the course of preparation. 

Furthermore, give yourself a break a couple of days before the exam. The CCNA examination is hard and stressful, and you should not go and take the exam all worked out. Therefore, one or two days prior to the exam relax, and try to stay calm as much as possible. 

The CCNA examination is hard and it involves a lot of studying and practicing. Everything you need is a well-designed plan, proper materials, and a decent amount of practicing. Along with this, you have to build your confidence and have a strong will for achievement. 

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