How to Open Ports on Arris Router 

How to Open Ports on Arris Router 

Your primary concern when you buy a router should be maximum connection. You should find a router that offers you seamless connectivity across your different devices. Moreover, it should provide you with security. In addition, your router should integrate with other modems while avoiding any router traffic issues. However, routers come in different types, and you should know how to open the ports of your router. 

Your router’s open port can increase its speed dramatically. This allows for faster access to the internet and for your downloads. But you should know how to configure your open ports accurately. This should help you to reduce any vulnerabilities within your local network (LAN). As a result, you should understand open ports and how port forwarding works. 

Fortunately, learning how to open ports on arris router types has become easier. But, first things first, you should know the steps to follow when you open your router. 

What is an Arris Router?

If you’re looking for agility and speed from your router, then look no further. The main highlighted features of this innovative surfboard are its gigabit Ethernet and its mesh network. It’s simply the unique but fastest way to improve your home network. You no longer need to worry about buffering or lagging when you’re busy with your online gaming or Zoom meetings. This top-of-the-range system scales down your needs and usage to deliver seamless connectivity in your home.

This is a fairly decent modem and router combo. It allows you to connect to various devices such as your printer in your home office. This Wi-Fi 6 router provides you with everything you need to make the most out of your home office. These are some of the benefits that you should expect when you purchase your Arris router. 

  • Fast performance 
  • Various device support 
  • Each node has 4 Ethernet ports

How to Open Ports on Arris Router 

Sometimes, you should use different internet ports if you want to achieve the best speed performance. Your Arris modem allows you to keep these ports open to increase your speed. If you don’t know how to keep your ports open, you’re not alone. The following steps should help to simplify the process. 

Step 1

You should go to the “start” button on your computer screen. It’s usually located on the lower left end. Open up the search box that should be at the bottom of your home screen menu. Now, type in “cmd” in your search box and then press enter. 

Step 2

In the new pop-up window on your screen, you should type in “ipconfig”. Just make sure that when you type this you don’t put in the quotation marks. 

Step 3

In this step, you should notice that you need to have a default gateway as well as your IP address. You don’t need to worry about these two things just yet. But you will need them in the next stages. So, keep them close to you. 

Step 4

Head over to your web browser icon and launch a new browser window. In this new window, you should type in the default gateway and IP address from the previous step. Make sure that it’s accurate before you press enter. 

Step 5

You should be taken to an admin page. Here, you should see a prompt for a username and password. For your username, you should type in “admin”. The password should be 1234, unless your Arris modem has a different password. However, these are the default credential settings for any Arris modem and router. After typing in these two, you should click the “OK” button. 

Step 6

By now, you should have access to the Arris administrative panel. On the left-hand side, there should be a menu with “Firewall”. Click on this Firewall option, and you should see a drop-down menu. You should select the “Virtual Servers” option.

Step 7

There’s a main display area under your servers option. For the first slot, you should click on “enable”. Once you’ve enabled it, you should be asked for specific information. Fill in this required information. The following are the 4 main things that you should have access to now. 

  • Description. This is your user-generated title for your port forwarding task. 
  • Inbound port. This is your port range that you want to open up. 
  • Private IP address. This is your address from step 3.
  • Private port. You can leave this blank.

Step 8

When you’ve successfully configured everything from steps 1-7, you can now save your options. Your Arris router ports are now open. However, to ensure that the changes are made, you should restart the modem if it doesn’t restart automatically. 

What is Port Forwarding?

Let’s say that you want to allow your external devices to have access to your computer. To do this, you should map your external port to your internal IP address and port. In most cases, your applications can require you to configure port forwarding on your Arris router. If you wish to enable your port forwarding, you should have a configured static IP address. 

Sometimes, you may need to have many ports that should be made available from the external network to your internal one. If you’ve already opened your ports, you should have admin privileges. In essence, it should vary depending on the type of Arris router that you’re using. But you’re mapping out a table for your external and internal addresses and ports. It is necessary if you don’t want to isolate your home network from your internet and want access to internal services. 

Final Thoughts

If your aim is to improve the performance of your home router, you’re not alone. This is why opening your ports should be something that you consider. While you might have concerns, you should know that the benefits outweigh the cons. In addition, knowing how to port forward arris router modems helps you to integrate your external and internal networks. However, the aim is to always ensure improved performance for your Arris modem router. 

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