How To Get Security Token In Salesforce Sandbox

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What Is Salesforce’s Sandbox?

Salesforce’s Sandbox is a powerful and flexible tool for your account. It’s the perfect place to test all aspects of your Salesforce instance and explore how it can be configured to fit your needs. You can use Salesforce’s sandbox as an additional sandbox that you log into separately from your production instance or simply as a space to explore configurations without affecting data in your production environment.

It’s a place to test out new features, build integrations, and more. For example, you can test the latest functionality with simple user processes without worrying about adversely affecting your production data or organization.

What Is Security Token In Salesforce?

A security token provides information about an authenticated user within a specific session. The type of information depends on the kind of token. For example, a session token offers information about the login user, while an OAuth access token provides information about the user who authorized the application to access Salesforce data.

Web browsers use a Single Sign-On (SSO) or Oauth authentication to authenticate users without requiring them to enter their credentials each time they access a protected site.

How To Get Security Tokens In The Salesforce Sandbox?

To get a security token in the Salesforce sandbox, follow these steps:

1. Open in your browser.

2. Login with your organization account credentials.

3. Click Setup & Apps > New Device to authorize the device.

4. Provide an email address where you want the security token to be sent, and click Finish Setup Wizard.

5. Now, you will be able to access Salesforce securely, using the security token provided in your email address.

Why Do You Need A Security Token For The Sandbox?

To get access to the Salesforce sandbox, you need a security token. This is because the sandbox is not intended to be used for production purposes but rather for testing. Sandbox content can be tampered with and deleted before any data is lost. You don’t want to use your production login information in the sandbox so that you don’t accidentally delete any data in the sandbox. That’s why you need a security token.

How To Create An Organization And User With Salesforce’s Sandbox

To create an organization and user in the sandbox, log in with your developer login credentials in any browser. Click on Login As An Organization in the top right-hand corner of the Home tab. Clicking on this menu option will bring up a dropdown menu with all of your organization’s names listed under it. Select your organization from the list and hit Create Organization. This will load a dialog box prompting you to enter your organization’s name and other details, such as time zone and currency format, before clicking the checkmark button.

To create a user, click on the Setup dropdown at the top of your browser window and select Manage Users > Users. Click New User to bring up the dialog box where you can add login credentials for your new user account(s) within your organization’s instance of Salesforce. You can add more than one user by clicking on the Add Another User button and repeating the process until your team members are all set up.

To log in to your sandbox Org as a new user, use the credentials you just created and select the Login button. When complete, click Save to bring up a box asking for confirmation that you want to make these users within your sandbox Org. Click OK, and you will be taken back to the Users page.


Salesforce’s sandbox is a place where you can experience the Salesforce platform. It’s also different from other testing environments because it supports production data, which means that any changes made to your organization or user in the sandbox will be reflected on your public instance of Salesforce when you log out and back in again. 

You’ll need a security token if you plan to use Sandbox and not just logins Organization (or User). Security tokens provide authentication information about who’s accessing what by using two-factor authentication: username/password + one-time password sent via SMS text message, phone call, email, or mobile app. This makes it easy for developers and marketers alike to test their code within an environment with live customer data before pushing anything into production.

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