How To Delete Win32 Malware Gen?

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How To Delete Win32 Malware Gen?

Win32 Malware Gen is a Trojan horse that opens up a backdoor on your computer. It enables hackers to steal passwords, send spam, or launch attacks on other computers. Win32 Malware Gen. usually installs itself by exploiting a known vulnerability in the Windows operating system, which permits it to install without notifying the user. 

Win32 Malware Gen. installs the file, and it runs every time Windows starts up (Registry: MACHINE\User Shell Folders, Userinit ) so that it can monitor your computer and keep track of any actions performed on the PC for later sending back to a remote server (such as your Web browser).

How to Delete Win32 Malware Gen?

You must delete this file as soon as possible because it can seriously infect your computer. To delete this file, please use the manual removal method and follow the instructions as follows:

  • Open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on your keyboard at  the same time
  • Click Processes tab
  • Locate VBS/BBDosNET process
  • Select it and click the End Process button
  • Click Yes to confirm. You should be able to browse normally now.
  • Click Applications Tab
  • Click New Task
  • In Name field type explorer
  • OK button should be clicked to close the process
  • Now your browser should work normally
  • Go to c:\windows
  • Find h323log.txt file
  • Delete it
  • Reboot your computer 

Removal Of Win32 Malware Gen

  • Open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL keys on your keyboard at the same time
  • Click Processes tab
  • Locate VBS/BBDosNET process
  • Select it and click the End Process button
  • Click Yes to confirm. You should be able to browse usually now but if not, restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Run a full system scan now with updated antivirus definitions for Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, or any other version of Norton Antivirus installed on your PC
  • If you are using Windows XP, run as Administrator under Vista & Win 7
  • Delete all files found after the quick scan is finished
  • Restart your computer normally
  • Get the full version of Norton Internet Security to protect your PC from future threats & attacks.

Symptoms Of Win32 Malware Gen

It can change your desktop, hijack or delete your bookmarks from your Web browser, display annoying pop-up ads to interfere with your computer usage, and slow down the performance of your PC. It may also install additional adware like spyware & malware (unrelated programs) to annoy you further.

You should always pay attention when installing software or updates on your computer. When you install a program, read every screen and dialog window carefully. Always opt for the custom installation and deselect unnecessary tools or apps that are pre-checked. It’s advisable to use a good antivirus program to scan the files before running them.

How WIN32 Attacks

When WIN32 Is executed, it copies itself as a computer worm to the following locations.


It then sends information about your PC to a remote server from the Internet. It also gives hackers unauthorized access to your computer.

In addition to that, it manages to open up a backdoor for hackers, allowing them access to your PC.

To avoid these types of malware, you must use good system security practices. Avoid suspicious websites. When installing new software, be sure to read all the “Terms and Agreement” carefully. And disable the AutoPlay feature from your Windows Registry settings for removable devices. Scan files before opening them or saving them onto your computer by using a reliable Antivirus program

How To Detect Win32 Malware

If your computer is affected by such malware, you may see the following symptoms:

  • Your Internet browser settings changed.
  • Your homepage and search engine are different from before.
  • Pop-ups appear on your screen out of nowhere.
  • You cannot open certain web pages that you want to visit.
  • Web pages often redirect to advertising or unknown websites.
  • Unknown icons appear on your desktop.
  • The task manager has been disabled for unknown reasons.
  • You cannot open files on your PC.
  • The computer system is running very slow and unstable.


There are many viruses and malware that can affect your computer. When such an infection is detected, you should obtain a powerful malware removal tool to clean up the affected PC as soon as possible to avoid further damage and prevent loss of data.

The Windows Operating System can often become compromised with Malware Gen – Win32 (also known as WIn32). The best way to remove this virus is by using a version of Norton Security if you need help removing Malware Gen – Win32 (also known as WIn32).

Norton Security provides you with a powerful antivirus program that detects and removes viruses, malware, and spyware, as well as safeguards your PC from future infections. It is one of the best solutions to remove win32 malware gen.

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