How To Delete A Disk Partition?

Deleting a partition on your hard drive can seem like an impossible task, but it is pretty simple. Follow these steps, and everything should go smoothly! This blog post will show you how to delete the partition so that you don’t have any problems accessing your hard disk in the future.,

How To Delete A Disk Partition Using Disk Management

  • Open up “My Computer” and right-click on the hard drive that you want to delete a partition from.
  • Click on “Manage.” If prompted for an administrator password, type in the password and proceed with these steps.
  • In the window that pops up, go under Storage -> Disk Management. Then select the partition that you want to delete.
  • Right-click on the desired partition and select “Delete Volume.”
  • Select “Yes” when it asks if you are sure you want to delete this volume.

How To Delete A Disk Partition Using Command Prompt

  • Open up the “Command Prompt” (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories)
  • Type in diskpart and press enter. You will be prompted for an administrator password, so type it in if needed.
  • Once you’re done typing your password, go ahead and hit enter again to continue with these steps.
  • Type “list volume” without the quotes. You should get a number in return that represents each of your partitions on this hard drive.
  • Type “select volume #” again without the quotes, where “#” is whatever number it was displaying for you before (make sure not to make any typos here).
  • Now type “delete volume” and press enter. If you want to delete the volume, you will be asked to type “Y” for yes and hit enter.
  • Closeout of command prompt by typing exit in there and hitting enter again.

How To Make Sure All Data Is Erased On A Computer Hard Drive

After following the steps above, you will have successfully deleted a partition on your hard drive. However, one more thing needs to be done for all of the information stored on this disk drive to be erased – you need to reinstall Windows. This way, the data will be wiped from this disk, and it can’t be recovered.

To do this, go to a computer store or a friend’s house that has a copy of Windows on CD/DVD (You may also download an ISO file legally from Microsoft). Put the disc in your hard drive and follow the installation wizard as if you were setting up a brand new computer.

How To Delete The Partition Using EaseUs Partition Master

EaseUs Partition Master is a free disk management software that can help you delete, format, and create partitions in Windows OS easily. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Download, install and launch EaseUs Partition Master on your computer.
  • Connect a hard drive to the computer with a clickable icon on it. Then you will see all partitions of this hard disk, including its system reserved one.
  • Just select any partition that you want to delete or format from the list and then choose “Delete” or “Format” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Apply” to start deleting, formatting, or creating partitions on your hard drive.

What If I Delete The Wrong Partition?

If you mistakenly deleted one of your essential partitions and want it back, you can just move forward with this blog post until step three and then choose “Restore” instead of “Delete.” This will move your partition back to its previous place.

This will restore the deleted partition to its previous place. Then you can try using data recovery software such as Data Recovery Pro or Recover it Data Recovery for help recovering your lost files from this hard drive again.

How Do I Recover My Data?

Data recovery is possible if you take action soon enough before more damage gets done, and the chance of restoring all your data is over 50%. But the only effective way to make 100% sure you can recover all lost files from a computer hard drive is by using professional data recovery software.

Many good third-party tools provide reliable service for free or paid versions, which helps find and restore deleted files on Windows OS quickly without further damage. It’s better to take action as soon as possible before it gets more complex and complicated with time passing by because the longer you wait for recovery, the lower the chance of getting back all your data is!


Now you know how to delete a disk partition using both Windows built-in Disk Management and third-party software. But remember, if you want to make sure all of your files are deleted from the hard drive and can’t be recovered by anyone else, then you must reinstall Windows.

Once this is done, all data on that hard disk will become unrecoverable even with powerful software! So take action as soon as possible before it gets too late!

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