How To Change The DNS On A PS4?

How To Change The DNS On A PS4?

How To Change The DNS On A PS4?

PS4 is the most popular game console right now. More than 25 million PS4 consoles have been sold worldwide, making PlayStation the best-selling game console ever created by Sony. The latest version of this game console is known as PlayStation 4 Pro, which offers native 4K gaming.

PS4 is easy to use and extremely fun with quick access to all apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc.; games; live TV; movies; tv shows with dedicated buttons on the controller. You can also adjust volume from its controller or your smartphone if you have PlayStation mobile app for Android or iOS devices.

You should use a wired connection unless it’s not possible because wired connections are faster and more reliable than ones, so let’s get started on how to change the DNS on a PS4.

Configuration Of DNS On PS4

You can change the DNS on your PS4 by going to

  1. Settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection. Make sure to choose Custom connection instead of Easy if you are not using the default DNS servers.
  2. From here, you can choose a wired or wireless connection and enter in custom settings for either one. If selecting a wired connection, select the Custom option and then type in an IP address that’s within the same local area network as your router.

The IPs should be similar: 192.168.x.x for routers using private IP addresses from 192-168, 10.0.x.x for ones from 10-100, or 172.16.0-9 if you have a router with Public IP addresses from 172-169.

  1. Now input your Primary and Secondary DNS numbers which are provided by the DNS service. To do this, from the Set Up Internet Connection screen, tap Custom and go to either Wired or Wireless, depending on which you’re using to connect your PS4.
  2. Enter in a Router IP address in the field for Manual Configurations if you choose a wired connection. For wireless connections, set DHCP Host Name to ON.
  3. If you choose to enter custom settings for a wireless connection, configure your IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS. When finished, select ‘Test Internet Connection.’

You should now be free to navigate the PS4 system with no restrictions when opening blocked apps or websites. Enjoy!

How To Change DNS Using A Router?

If you want to change the DNS on your PS4 through your router, please follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the Control Panel in Windows (Start Button > Control panel). 
  2. Select Network and Sharing Center. 
  3. Suppose it is in classic view select View network status and tasks under Change adapter settings. If it is in category view, click Change adapter settings located in the left pane. 
  4. Press Alt key + Enter keys simultaneously when you see the User Account Control (UAC) message box appearing asking for permission, like in the image below. 
  5. When this, the Action center will appear. Select Set up a new connection or network (for Windows 7/8/10).
  6. It will open the Network connections window. Select Connections you make available to other users like the image below. 
  7. Right-click on your present internet connection and select Properties from the right-hand menu like in the image below. 
  8. Go to the Sharing tab, select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection option. 
  9. Now click on Change adapter settings located in the left pane like the image below. 
  10. After that, go to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), which is most likely already selected by default. Still, if not, you have to do it yourself because it’s your present internet protocol selection too.
  11. Now double click or right-click on its properties and select on Use the following DNS server addresses option like the below screenshot.
  12. Now enter DNS, Primary, and Secondary in available fields and click the Ok button. We provided our reader’s free public servers for these settings: for primary and for secondary.

After setting these servers in your PS4 DNS, you can enjoy a faster internet connection than ever before, with faster speeds, more security, and a better online gaming experience than before!


While the topic shown above, ” How To Change The DNS On A PS4? ” may seem short but it shows how these things must be managed for you to get the best out of what it has to offer, there’s no way that you can just enjoy your game if your connection isn’t that good and fast enough to handle it. If this is the case, why not consider getting a new router and better internet providers? These are very much available in the market today so make sure to check them all out! We hope you can change the DNS on your PS4 successfully after reading our article.

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