How to change DHCP lease time in Windows 10?

How to change DHCP lease time in Windows 10?

This blog post will be about how to change the DHCP lease time windows 10. DHCP is a protocol that assigns dynamic IP addresses to your computer, but it needs a way of deciding when to give out a new one.

The default setting for the Windows 10 DHCP server is 24 hours, which means you have a very small window in which you can update your IP address without going through all the hassle of recovering from an old one. In this article, we’ll cover what exactly happens with these leases and how you can adjust them so there’s more chance for someone else on your network to get their settings updated before they need another one!

What is DHCP lease time?

The DHCP lease time is how long, in hours or days, that your DHCP server will hold on to an IP address before it gives it out again. It’s the number of “leases’ ‘ you would give when using a borrowed bike or umbrella! To check how many leases are left in your system open up PowerShell as administrator and run this command: Get-DhcpServerv32Lease. The default setting for Windows Server 2012 Routing & Remote Access Service (RRAS) is eight days. If no one has called about these settings yet then I strongly recommend changing them to something more manageable so there are fewer conflicts with other devices looking for network access at the same time! Now let’s go through how to do that!

How to change DHCP lease time to Windows 10?

To change the DHCP lease time windows open up PowerShell as administrator. Then execute these commands:

Set-DhcpServerv32Lease -ComputerName “Your computer name” -ScopeId 100 -LeaseDuration 20 You can adjust this number to whatever you like, though I would recommend not going lower than five days or higher than 30. When you’re finished press the Windows key and type in ” cmd “. Right-click on it and Run as administrator. Then execute this command: ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /release This will ensure your computer is trying to find its new IP address. The old one will be released so it’s not confusing other devices on the network! To make sure these changes take effect immediately run this command: Restart-Computer -Force

That should take care of everything, now there are no more excuses for having a messy DHCP server that’s affecting the rest of your devices!

Should I change DHCP lease time?

Not everyone needs to change DHCP lease time as the default setting is usually fine for most users. The only reason I would recommend changing it is if you’re having conflicts with other devices on your network and they need an IP address before others do. It’s worth noting that not all routers support this feature, so just because there are no issues here doesn’t mean you won’t run into them elsewhere!

If someone else has changed their DHCP settings from the defaults then chances are good that they’ll conflict at some point or another! This can cause a lot of trouble when multiple people try to use your internet connection without knowing about these changes, which also causes even more problems down the road.

What happens when DHCP lease time expires?

When your DHCP lease time expires you won’t be able to connect to the internet. This is because Windows will no longer have an assigned IP address for your network, so it can’t communicate with any other devices on that network or reach out to the rest of the world! That’s not a good place to be if you’re trying to do anything online.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing DHCP lease time?


  1. The main advantage is that you can assign IP addresses to devices when they need them instead of having them take up the entire address space.
  2. This saves a lot of memory and allows for more access overall!
  3. Another advantage of this is more efficient sharing.


  1. The disadvantage is that if someone changes their settings from defaults then there will be conflicts that could cause your network or internet connection issues in general, so it’s important to make sure everyone has the same configuration before things get out of hand.

How do I clear my DHCP leases?

To clear your DHCP leases you need to open up PowerShell as administrator. Then execute these commands:

Get-DhcpServerv32Lease-ComputerName”Yourcomputername”|Remove-DhcpServerv32Lease -Force

This will clear all of your current leases so you can start fresh. You probably don’t want to do this unless someone has changed their DHCP settings from defaults, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to take the risk!


The DHCP lease time is a cool feature that allows you to prioritize network access for certain devices when they need it most. This is useful in a lot of situations, but can also cause problems when people don’t configure their settings correctly and wind up conflicting with the defaults!

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