How To Allow Minecraft Through Avast firewall?

How To Allow Minecraft Through Avast firewall?

Introduction to Minecraft:

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

It’s a game about exploration and survival, with player-created stories stretching  beyond the game itself.

Avast Firewall:

Avast is a well-known Antivirus software that provides both free and paid versions to its users. Minecraft can cause Avast to scan it as possibly dangerous, but there are ways to allow Minecraft through your Avast firewall. In this article we will see how to do so.

Types of firewall encountered:

There are two types of firewalls you can encounter when playing Minecraft. The Windows Firewall that comes built into your operating system (OS), or 3rd party firewalls like Security Essentials or even an antivirus program like Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender which also includes firewall capabilities.

Minecraft Launcher:

Minecraft launcher is a tool for starting up and managing a Minecraft server. It provides the ability to start a single player world, a locally hosted multiplayer world, or a Minecraft Server listening for connections from players. You can launch these worlds with the vanilla server software bundled with Minecraft itself, install third party server mods that function independently from the client, or write your own server from scratch.

It is a fast and light-weight alternative to the official Minecraft Launcher, supporting a wide variety of modpacks, texture packs and mashup packs for Minecraft as well as mods for Forge, LiteLoader and even Bukkit.

How To Allow Minecraft Through Avast Firewall:

Using Game Mode:                 

1) Start by opening Avast User interface from the system tray or opening it from the taskbar, then select the “Active Protection” tab and click on “Game Mode”.

2) It will ask you for administrator permission and once given it will take you into the Game mode section where you will be able to enable/disable game mode.

You will find “Minecraft” in the list of supported games, select it and click on the slider to enable game mode for Minecraft (green color) as shown below:

3)If you want to turn off game mode, double click on the Minecraft entry under the Active Protection tab. It will ask you for administrator permission again. Once given it will disable Game Mode for Minecraft.

4) Now log out from Avast user interface and login back again or just restart your system if there is no other way for you to login into the Windows platform. Then try running Minecraft launcher / server files (.exe/.jar/.bat), they should not be scanned by avast anymore until you turn off/disable game mode manually.

5) Sometimes if your Avast setting is set to boot in “reduced functionality” mode, game mode will not be loaded automatically. 

To enable game mode in reduced functionality booting you need to change the avast boot option. 

Start by opening the vast user interface and click on Settings –> Troubleshooting –> then put a checkmark for “Enable game mode…” and press the OK button.

It will ask you for administrator permission, once given it will start Game Mode when your system is booted in reduced functionality mode (this happens when you select “Safe Boot” in Windows).

Via Configuring Firewall:

In order to play on a Minecraft server behind a firewall you need to configure the firewall to allow incoming connections from both the player connecting as well as the server they are connecting to.

1 Search Avast Firewall At the bottom menu locate “Active protection” > “Firewall” Tab 2 Allow Incoming Connections Locate TCP *.*.*.* ( Click “+Add rule…” Then click “Allow incoming connection”.

3 Allow Outgoing Connections Locate UDP *.*.*.* ( Click “+Add” Then click “Allow outgoing connection”.

4 Restart Minecraft Launcher

To complete this, you must restart the Minecraft launcher again to transfer the new firewall rules into Minecraft itself. You do not need to close Minecraft when you are making these changes, just the launcher window itself is enough! This should be all that is needed for your firewall in order for you to connect to minecraft servers behind it. Remember that if you’re playing on a local server, then only your computer needs port forwarding, not the server or any other players who wish to join it.

Additional information:

Avast Firewall Rules for Minecraft Server ,Minecraft clients should only be allowed to connect to the server, not other clients. This is why you configure outbound rules only.

On Windows 10 Client it is required to set up an allow rule also in order to allow traffic on UPnP-IGD port (typically port 25565), if you are having issues with Minecraft PE Multiplayer please make sure that this port is allowed! The rule will look like “UDP *.*.*.* (”.

Select Custom service type and specify “MinecraftUDP ” under Service name . Pihole DNS server must listen on all interfaces If you’re using Pi-hole , it’s important that the Pi-hole DNS server is listening on all network interfaces. The default setting of should be changed to so that queries can come from any interface, not just the local one! On Linux you must allow connections for both etho and loopback devices You need to configure iptables rules for all interfaces (both Ethernet and “lo”) : sudo iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -j ACCEPT Check status: sudo netstat -plunt | grep ‘udp’

If this returns nothing, then your device is likely blocking the traffic s o check your firewall settings or if using a 3rd party firewall check the settings as per the instructions for your specific firewall.

When playing Minecraft with other players on a local network it is possible to play even though you’re behind a firewall. In order to do this, the server needs to be properly configured and forward ports that are required by clients in order to connect. By default, a Minecraft server does not open any ports until it is first started (and subsequently closed) by a player which would cause issues when trying to host game sessions over an internet connection unless port forwarding was properly enabled – which requires administrator access on your router/modem device.


Minecraft might be one of the most entertaining games ever created, but it’s also very demanding. It is available for different platforms and it has two versions – Classic and Pocket Edition.

In this Article we learnt to allow Minecraft through Avast firewall . It is also possible to allow the game through the gaming console’s firewall.

Though Minecraft may be a very, very demanding game, there are ways to reduce lag when playing it. You could engage in simple tasks during battles or remove all the unnecessary elements that you don’t really need to have when playing the game. Whichever method you choose, just ensure that you optimize your settings when it comes to games like these so that you’ll enjoy them better.

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