How Long Does It Take for a Fitbit Flex to Charge?

How Long Does a Fitbit Flex Take to Charge?

When it comes to charging a Fitbit, many people are curious about how long it takes. If so, please spend some time reading this article to learn more about how long a Fitbit battery lasts.

For those who want to keep track of their fitness and meet their fitness goals, Fitbit is a wearable wireless technology gadget. There have been a number of Fitbit variants since the company was founded in 2007, including Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Ace, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa, and so on.

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In comparison to other fitness trackers, it features an excellent health and fitness app. Nutrition and Tracking, the Fitbit’s most surprising feature above other fitness trackers, monitors and tracks the calories in a dish or a recipe.

Fitbit has a number of health advantages, including the following:

  1. Fitbit helps to keep track of the wearer’s heart rate and general health.
  2. It reveals more about the quality of one’s sleep.
  3. A workout’s calorie burn is tracked by Fitbit.
  4. Steps climbed and other fitness activities are also tracked by this device.

Fitbit users are often dissatisfied with the length of time it takes to completely recharge their gadgets. After four to five days of continuous use, these gadgets alert the user through an auditory prompt and flashing led lights that the battery is low and must be recharged. No matter the Fitbit model you have, or how you charge it, the gadget takes the same amount of time to charge to 100%.

When the device’s battery is completely depleted, it takes less than two hours to recharge it to 100%. On the other hand, it takes 45 to an hour for the battery to recharge when the device’s battery is less depleted.

How Do I Know My Fitbit Flex is Charged?

You may place the Fitbit Flex back on your wrist after it shows five small shining LEDs on its front, indicating that it is completely charged.

How Long Does Fitbit Hold a Charge?

Even when put into its band, the actual tracker is just around an inch long and weighs almost nothing, making it an excellent fitness tracker for athletes.

A Fitbit Flex may provide biometric monitoring, alerts and reminders, and other data for roughly a week after it has been charged. And a full charge should take approximately an hour, so don’t hesitate to plug in the Flex whenever you have the opportunity.

Why Is My Fitbit Watch Not Charging?

There are several reasons why your Fitbit watch may not be charging. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Dirty pins on the device or charging cable are causing the issue.
  • There’s a problem with the USB port or socket.
  • Or, you’re using a different charger that came with a different device or was purchased from a different vendor.
  • Connect your charging cord to your device and make sure it is properly aligned.
  • The battery drains quicker or the device doesn’t perform as intended because of an app running in the background.
  • The gadget has been soaked.
  • There is an “insufficient power source.”
  • The battery on your device has been drained to 0% and does not seem to be charging.
  • The rear of the gadget is covered with a plastic case.
  • It’s been a while since you’ve used the gadget, and it won’t start up.

Steps on Charging Fitbit Flex

  1. Using a finger, gently push the Flex out of the band’s rear.
  2. When the Flex is inserted into the charging cradle, make sure the contacts are aligned.
  3. Plugin the charging cord into a USB power source to begin charging.

Ways to Maximize Your Fitbit Flex’s Battery Life

Here are some useful tips to help you extend your Fitbit Flex’s battery life:

  • Only use the Flex when necessary. If you don’t need to track your fitness activity or sleep patterns, then leave the gadget turned off.
  • Use the power-saving mode. This mode is available on most Fitbit devices and it can help to conserve battery power.
  • Avoid using the backlight. The backlight is not necessary for most activities and it can drain battery power.
  • Keep the Flex dry. Water can damage the device and it can also cause the battery to drain more quickly.
  • Don’t overcharge the Flex. Once the gadget is fully charged, remove it from the charger. Excessive recharging can damage the battery.

These are all great tips to help you save power and extend your Flex’s battery life. By following these simple instructions, you can ensure that your device is always charged and ready to go!

Troubleshooting Tips for When Your Fitbit Flex Won’t Charge

If your Fitbit Flex isn’t charging, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try:

  • Check the charging cord to make sure it’s plugged in securely.
  • Check the USB port on the computer or charger to make sure it’s clean and free of debris.
  • Make sure that the contacts on the Flex and charger are clean.
  • Restart the Flex by holding down the button for eight seconds.

If none of these troubleshooting tips work, then you may need to replace the charging cable or contact customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Charge My Fitbit Device

Depending on the Fitbit model you have, you may see your screen battery icons, a flashing red light, or even an audible alert when the battery is going low.

Can You Overcharge a Fitbit?

No, you cannot overcharge your Fitbit and it is not good for the battery. It is recommended that you charge your Flex when the battery is low and remove it from the charger once it is fully charged. Excessive recharging can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.

Also, the device’s battery life is lengthy, allowing it to be used for up to three days without the need to recharge overnight.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Fitbit Charge for the First Time?

It takes around 1-2 hours to completely charge the device. When the tracker is completely charged, a solid battery icon will show or a brief flash of green light appears, followed by the illumination of all five lights for a short period before they are turned off

Will My Fitbit App Notify Me If the Battery Is Running Low?

The app will not notify you if the battery is running low on your device, but other indicators may also appear when the battery is going low.

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