How Does Unified Threat Management Save Money?

How Does Unified Threat Management Save Money?

How Does Unified Threat Management Save Money?

The average enterprise security costs are growing. The cost of cybercrime is estimated to be between $375 billion and $575 billion worldwide every year. As breaches become more common, the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions becomes ever more critical. Enterprise security teams should look for an affordable IT security solution to deliver advanced threat protection without sacrificing speed or performance.

The average cost of a data breach is $148 per record, growing from $121 the year before. With cybercrime soaring and security budgets constantly being cut, many organizations are looking to their existing infrastructures for help in defending against cyberattacks. 

One such strategy popular among enterprise security teams is unified threat management (UTM) solutions, which combine firewalls, next-generation antivirus software and other advanced cybersecurity features into a single device or cloud service. UTM solutions allow IT departments to consolidate network protection without sacrificing performance or productivity.

How UTM Saves Money?

Unified Threat Management can save money in the following ways,

Unified Security

UTM devices integrate all aspects of cybersecurity into a single interface. This saves time and effort by allowing the security team to see and configure everything from one place.

Easy Management

It is easy for system admins to manage network access, run reports, and get complete visibility into their networks with several clicks with a streamlined interface.

Advanced Protection

Advanced technologies such as IPS, gateway antivirus, and device control guarantee comprehensive threat detection while minimal network performance impact. This allows businesses to keep applications up and run to continue serving customers during security incidents.

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Saves Time

Centralized management and reporting tools allow enterprise security teams to streamline operations. With a single console, admins can deploy patches and updates for all network devices, scan file servers or VPN endpoints and quarantine infected devices with the click of a button. Spending less time sorting through alerts and incident reports frees up staff to focus on other projects – like implementing more robust access controls or deploying additional countermeasures.

UTM solutions are designed to protect the whole network, not just specific devices or applications. This allows enterprises to save money by covering all their users with a single solution rather than purchasing multiple point security products.

Makes IT Money

With UTM solutions, there’s no need to purchase separate antivirus software for endpoint protection, eliminating one of the most costly elements of maintaining an advanced cybersecurity infrastructure without sacrificing security. This not only saves money but makes IT staff more agile as they respond quickly to zero-day threats.

High-End Features For Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity

Unified threat management is one of the most affordable ways to increase IT security for your organization. UTM offers advanced privacy and malware protection without bogging down your systems. Additionally, because these security solutions can protect an entire network, they provide better value per dollar spent than other cybersecurity solutions.

Next-Generation Firewall Capabilities

UTM firewalls are built with next-generation firewall capabilities to protect networks from external threats while also enforcing internal policies. Firewalls are one of the first lines of defence against incoming cyberattacks, so it’s crucial to choose a solution that includes advanced firewall capabilities.

Intelligent Threat Prevention

A centralized UTM solution allows for better visibility into network activity. It can help improve decision-making by providing security administrators with detailed reporting on every user’s activities. 

As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, organizations should look to their security tools for protection against these new threats without compromising network experience or productivity. 

A smart spam filter, like what is included in most UTM solutions, a smart spam filter helps block malware while allowing an enterprise to ensure legitimate communications make it through the system without disruption.


Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems can help companies save money by consolidating multiple point security products into one affordable solution.

UTM solutions combine firewalls, antivirus and spam filters into an efficient cybersecurity system that can protect an entire enterprise network. These systems are designed to get the most out of existing infrastructures without sacrificing speed or performance.

A UTM system can save money on IT security by consolidating multiple point security products into one single solution, helping companies lower their overall cost of ownership for network protection.

UTM systems typically include following generation firewall capabilities that enable them to protect networks from external threats while enforcing internal policies, unlike traditional firewalls, which focus primarily on maintaining perimeter defence against cyberattacks. These advanced features help make UTM more effective than other types of solutions on the market.

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