How Do I Get Rid Of VBS Malware Gen 

How Do I Get Rid Of VBS Malware Gen 

How Do I Get Rid Of VBS Malware Gen 

The majority of malicious software today comes inside a computer in the form of a Trojan. Trojans carry viruses that can infect your computer and spread to other computers on a network. The VBS portion of the virus name stands for Visual Basic Scripts. These files use Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language to control how they run once installed in your computer. 

If your computer is running a newer operating system, you don’t have to worry about the VBS part of this virus. This means that it’s not a problem on Windows Vista or Windows 7 or above.

Even if your computer runs on Windows XP Service Pack 3, however, you still have good odds of being rid of this type of virus. Even when the Trojan disguises itself as a legitimate Windows file, such as Sys32.exe or SystemProc32.exe, it still has a small chance of infecting your computer and running successfully. Once inside your computer’s system files, this virus can overwrite your boot record and log you out automatically during startup. This will cause your computer to either reboot itself over and over again or to begin a never-ending cycle in which it continually tries to log into the Operating System.

Vbs malware gen is a type of dangerous malware that affects all systems and users alike and can cause serious damage if not rid off accordingly. There are several methods that may rid your system of VBS malware gen and rid this threat for good.

Methods To Rid Of VBS Malware Gen

Following are the methods to rid VBS Malware Gen

Method 1: 

  1. Download and install malwarebytes 
  2. Go to Tools > Scan for VBS Files 
  3. Check Perform Quick Scan. 
  4. Click Scan Wait until scan is complete then click OK
  5. If found, remove all Restart systems.

If you had to use the first method there’s no need to go any further as the virus is now rid of your system.

Method 2: 

  1. Download rkill 
  2. Double click on rkill program to rid VBS malware gen 
  3. Once open you’ll notice a black DOS box with white lettering
  4. This is the rkill program. Wait until you see Notepad appear with a log 
  5. Then proceed to the next VBS malware method.

Method 3: 

  1. Download DDS
  2. End processes in task manager Download DDS and save it to your desktop 
  3. Right click on DDS and run as administrator 
  4. If your OS is 32 Bit, double click on the DDS.exe If your OS is 64 Bit, double click on the DDS64.exe 
  5. At the Welcome screen press Start Wait until all files have been extracted from their archives 
  6. Then from Main menu > Select SCAN Type In – full scan 

Once complete you’ll have a log file open in the notepad containing information about rid of VBS malware gen.

  1. Download combofix
  2. Save Combofix to your desktop Disable any Antivirus program so it doesn’t interfere with ComboFix 
  3. Run ComboFix Follow prompts once started 

When finished it will create a log ( Combofix.txt ) save it to your desktop

If you’re still having problems after following the rid VBS malware gen guide above please proceed onto Method 4.

Method 4: 

  1. Download Hitman Pro Trial 
  2. Install Hitman Pro Trial Open Hitman Pro 
  3. Click Next on the welcome screen 
  4. Click I accept at the disclaimer screen 
  5. Put in place an exclusion if you use CCleaner then restart your machine 
  6. Now click Next again Say Yes 
  7. Select Perform quick scan 
  8. Now wait until the scan is complete 

Note: Any threat detected Move to the next rid VBS malware gen method If no threats are detected, 

  1. Click Next and then Finish at restart 

The following Methods should be used in order. If  infection is found that is not removed by combofix you will have to use rkill followed by dds.

If you’re still having problems after following the guide above please proceed onto Method 5 as Combofix may fail due to some rootkit infections.

Method 5: 

Download GMER

  1. Rootkit scan
  2. Delete driver: R1 – Not selected, Not Active
  3. Delete driver: R3 – Selected, select all drivers in these folders when prompted by pressing Ctrl + A

Impact of VBS Malware

This type of virus will cause your computer to reboot itself over and over again, continuously trying to start up from within Windows. It can also overwrite your boot record and log you out automatically during startup.

Impacted Files

In most cases the following files get compromised by the Malware.

– c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

– c:\boot.ini

– c:windows system32 config bkp

– c:windowssystem32logonui.exe

– %userprofile%my docs 32.exe

By using the following methods one can get rid of VBS Malware Gen.


Parents out there, be aware that in some cases, this type of virus disguises itself as a video player file in the My Documents folder. When your children play videos on the computer, the virus will be installed as well.

Today’s Trojans are usually downloaded from websites you visit or sent via email in an attachment. Once installed, this “Trojan” can be used to capture your personal data, such as bank account numbers and passwords. 

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