How Difficult Is The Security+ Exam?

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How Difficult Is The Security+ Exam? 

CompTIA Security+ is one of the main IT security certifications that is validated and recognized all around the world. The exam covers the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity, and it helps you gain skills in performing security functions. So, how difficult is the Security+ exam? 

Passing the Security+ exam and getting the certification in IT security is not easy, but it is not impossible. The exam requires proper preparation, disciplined study hours, focused practicing, and the right resources and materials. Having provided all that, there should not be any issues. 

In this article, I will discuss the difficulty level of the Security+ exam, and I will make a comparison with CISSP. Also, I will elaborate a plan that you can follow to ease up your preparation and achieve amazing results. Once you gather all information, nothing should stop you from getting your career on the right path. 

Is The Security+ The Hardest CompTIA Exam? 

CompTIA Security+ is a written exam, and in its basics it is very similar to any other exam out there in the IT industry. When it comes to CompTIA examinations, there have been debates on which one is the easiest, and which one is the most difficult. 

The answers can vary due to the fact that people have different experiences with examinations, as well as different prior knowledge and way of preparation. Generally speaking, the difficulty of a test cannot be measured since it is always up to the candidate whether or not they are going to pass the test. 

Security+ includes all of the fundamentals in IT security, and it differs only in the concepts that are included. Some certifications cover more theoretical background, therefore they require studying in more detail. However, you should keep in mind that each CompTIA exam requires hard work and studying in order to pass. 

In other words, your prior knowledge in IT security and your way of preparation are the key factors that will determine how difficult the exam is going to be for you. Once you start preparing, you will get the idea of what I am talking about. 

Security+ Or CISSP: Which Is Harder? 


Obtaining this certification means that you have the basic skills and knowledge of securing applications, network and devices, threat analysis and responses, as well as risk management. In order to pass the Security+ exam, you will need to dedicate your time to properly prepare

For some people it may take months, while for others it may take only days. That usually depends on the candidate, i.e. the prior knowledge and skills. Furthermore, for the preparations you can choose independent training, or classroom training provided by CompTIA institutions. 

Whatever you choose, you should keep in mind that proper preparation is crucial, and without it you will be just wasting your time and money. 

The Security+ exam includes around 90 questions, and you get 90 minutes to answer. However, the speed in which the exam is taken differs from person to person. Some candidates need to take time to focus, while others can do it more quickly. 


CISSP certification validates your expertise in the cybersecurity field. Once you obtain the certificate, you are considered professional in implementing and designing security systems for protecting networks and devices from attacks. 

The CISSP is the perfect certification for experienced security managers and executives who are interested in getting their career to the next level. The certification proves your expert knowledge and skills in cybersecurity, and gives you the advantage in getting a promotion or a better position when looking for a job. 

CISSP is a complex exam that requires dedication and a lot of studying and training. Only through hard work you can achieve in getting the wanted results. 

Which Is Harder? 

When comparing the two exams, it can be said that both of them have the same requirements, therefore they are positioned at the same level of difficulty. Some people might find one more difficult than the other, and that is because the two exam cover different notions of the cybersecurity field. 

The both exams might serve for different purposes, therefore the candidates that take the exam might have different prior knowledge. So, the only thing that can be concluded is that the difficulty of an exam depends only on the individual. 

Security+ Study Plan 

  1. Know What Information The Exam Covers

You need to gather all of the information there is about the exam. It is important to familiarize yourself with the topics you are going to learn about. That way you can get the idea in which fields you need to prepare more and pay more attention to. 

  1. Determine Your Strengths And Weaknesses 

It is essential that you learn what are your strong and weak points. That way you can easily dedicate more time to the things which need brushing up. The best way you can discover your strengths and weaknesses is through practice tests. 

Taking practice tests will show you your score in the process of learning. This way you will keep track of your knowledge and skills, and you will be aware of how much time you need to get you prepared. Also, the practice tests will make you more confident about taking the actual exam. 

  1. Fill The Gaps In Your Knowledge

Once you discover your weak points, you can focus more on improving them. During this step, you might consider getting a formal training course provided by CompTIA. The experts that lead the course will show you the proper improving directions, therefore you can be sure that you are on the right path. 

  1. Prepare For The Exam 

Once you complete the course, or you have gone over the whole material, it is time to review everything you have learned. Repeating the content you have studied is crucial before taking the exam. The revision will show you the exact time of your readiness to schedule the exam. 

As you could see, the Security+ exam is difficult and it requires a lot of dedicated time and preparation for successful results. However, once you obtain the certification, you will see that everything was worth it and it will be a great game-changer in your career path. 

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