Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit One

Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One : Which is The One For You

The Fitbit One

Fitbit Luxe Unboxing
Fitbit Luxe Unboxing

The Fitbit One is a health and sleep tracker meant to assist you in all areas of your life. It can be worn on any part of the body without being seen, and it has a display that shows both time and data. The following are its key features:

  • Each day, the Fitbit Flex measures distance traveled, calories burned, and stairs climbed.
  • Monitors your sleep pattern and assesses the quality of your slumber.
  • Syncs with Bluetooth-connected devices to show your progress, establish objectives, and get badges as you meet your goals.
  • The lifespan of an hour of charging is approximately two weeks.
  • You can set a silent alarm to wake you without disturbing others.
  • Has an OLED display

The Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is a wrist tracker that has the capability to monitor your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, and active minutes. It also monitors your sleep and syncs wirelessly to computers and select smartphones. Its main features are:

  • Waterproof so you can track your swimming workouts
  • Slim design that makes it comfortable to wear all day and night
  • LED lights that show your progress towards your daily goal
  • vibrates to let you know when you’ve reached your step goal
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Steps taken during the day, the distance you traveled, calories you burned, etc.

Fitbit One vs Fitbit Flex Side by Side Comparison

These two devices are both great options for people looking to improve their health. They both have sleep tracking capabilities (monitors sleep quality too) , your statistics, making sure you’re getting the most accurate information possible.

Additionally, they both have silent alarms that can wake you without disturbing others. The main difference between the two models is that the Flex is a wristband and the One is a clip-on. Lastly, they both have Bluetooth Syncing capabilities.

Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex Differences


The Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One are two fitness trackers that look different but offer many of the same features.

The Flex is a simple device, a wristband that is worn constantly and has an LED light display it is made with flexible polymer

While the Fitbit One is a small fitness tracker, clip-on that is small and compact with a clock-style display and it is made with hard plastic. It is flexible since you can put it anywhere, it can even be used as a belt clip.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages; the Flex is more comfortable to wear and doesn’t require you to remember to clip it on, while the One is good for those getting in exercise during a busy day.


The most defining difference of their features is that only the Fitbit One is capable of monitoring floors climbed while the Fitbit Flex is the only one that has water resistance.

Battery Life

The battery life for the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit One is different. The Flex has a Lithium battery that takes approximately two hours to charge and lasts for five days, whereas the One has a rechargeable battery that takes about an hour to fully charge and a single charge can last up to two weeks. The One wins this round due to its longer battery

Which One of These Fitness Trackers is Better For You?

The Flex is better if you’re looking for something simple, flexible, capable of trekking the rain, and don’t need all the extra features. The One is better if you’re looking for something more detailed and discrete.

Who Should Buy Which One?

If you’re mainly just interested in tracking your steps and don’t care about anything else, go with the Flex. If you want to track more than just your steps, go with the One. In the end, it depends upon your own preferences.

Pros and cons of each


The Flex is cheaper and simpler While the Fitbit One tracks more data


The One is more expensive and has more features that people might not need

What are the prices and where can you buy them

Unfortunately as of now, both of these Fitness Trackers have been discontinued. So you can buy these from resellers, or on eBay priced around roughly $60-$120. While the Fitbit Flex is priced around $40 and the Fitbit Flex 2 Around $100

Some Key Differences Between the Two

Some other key differences include that the Flex is waterproof and has a 5-day battery life while the One is not waterproof and has 7-day battery life. The Flex also only comes in black while the One comes in black and burgundy.

Does Fitbit still make the Fitbit One?

No, the company does not make Fitbit One anymore, but you can check out its replacement clip-on tracker, The Fitbit Zip! Which offers a lot more fitness features and is more accurate than its predecessor.

Is Fitbit Flex discontinued?

Yes the Fitbit Flex was discontinued, but you can still buy them from resellers, but if you want a more evolved fitness tracking device then you can check out the Fitbit Inspire, this fitness tracker can bring more to the table with its top of the line features, than the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Flex 2


Both of these are good devices and it is capable of helping you with your fitness goals, It all boils down to your preferences. But I suggest you can check out its replacements for it surpasses the capabilities of these old fitness trackers.

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