Can I Get a Job With AWS Certification Without Experience?

Can I Get a Job With AWS Certification Without Experience?

Can I Get a Job With AWS Certification Without Experience?

Having an AWS certification is a great way for you to get hired in companies because of how Amazon Web Services are highly in-demand in the corporate world today. In fact, AWS holds a third of the entire cloud services market as many more companies trust it than other cloud services. For you, having an AWS certification can boost your chances in the job market but can you get a job with AWS certification without experience?

You can get a job with an AWS certification even without prior experience because there are still some companies that are willing enough to hire anyone on the strength of their AWS certification alone. But you are going to be starting with low-paying entry-level jobs as you build yourself up to the higher-paying jobs.

While there is no guarantee that you can get a job right after acquiring your AWS certification without any experience, the fact is that you are still very much employable and you have already covered the ground for one of the basic prerequisites that a lot of companies nowadays are looking for. The AWS certification alone will give you the edge you need to get hired.

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Can you get a job with just AWS certification?

Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud service on the market and is widely used by plenty of companies, who themselves have seen tremendous growth ever since using AWS. Because of that, there is also a rise in the demand for those who have AWS certifications because of how they were able to prove themselves experts in AWS. 

Nowadays, especially since more and more people are now taking up home-based jobs, there should be an increase in demand for those who hold AWS certifications because they can simply work remotely as IT employees working specifically on the company’s AWS. That is why it might be a good idea for you to start your AWS career by getting your AWS certification.

However, even after passing the exam and getting your AWS certification, is there a guarantee that you will be able to land yourself a job even though you never had any experience in this field or even in IT? Can you get a job by merely relying on the strength of your AWS certification?

Well, for starters, there are plenty of factors that you need to look at in terms of your employability after you earned your AWS certification. But the short of it is yes, you can get a job with just AWS certification even without any prior experience in the field. 

That’s because there are still companies that are willing to take in employees with AWS certifications for entry-level jobs that aren’t really going to pay high but will provide enough experience and training on the field.

But, as to whether or not it is a guarantee that you could end up with a job with just your AWS certification and with no experience to back it up, there is none. The possibility of landing a job is still very much there but the guarantee of getting hired will never be given to you especially if you have no experience. 

Again, your employability will still depend on a lot of different factors that companies are looking for. But you can rejoice to know that you have covered the first base and that you have now passed one of the basic prerequisites that most companies are looking for when it comes to their AWS employees. 

Getting an AWS certification becomes a mere first step in your employability, and relying on it alone may indeed land you an entry-level job but even such a thing cannot be a guarantee especially if you lack the experience ad qualities that some companies are looking for.

Which AWS certification is best for a career beginner?

If you are merely starting out and you haven’t had the opportunity to learn a lot about AWS, the best place to start is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which allows you to learn the basics of cloud computing. Starting out as a Certified Clout Practitioner equips you with the basics that you will be needing for the more advanced AWS certifications.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner does not require you to have any prerequisites for you to learn it. That means that it is the perfect place for beginners to start especially if they are still very new to cloud computing. It teaches you what is cloud computing and how to migrate to cloud computing, among others.

But because the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is mostly just equipping you with the basic fundamentals, the hands-on approach is at the lowest. In short, you won’t be implementing a lot of the things you learned as a Certified Cloud Practitioner. Simply think of it as the starting point of your journey towards the other AWS certifications. You may be able to land a few entry-level jobs with this certification but it is best to not bank too much on it and just proceed with the higher levels of certifications.

What AWS certification is in demand?

The most in-demand AWS certification right now is AWS Certified Security, which specializes in keeping the cloud services of a company secured and safe from potential third-party attacks. Because it is important for companies to keep their data and information as private and as secured as possible, plenty of companies are looking for experts with an AWS Certified Security.

Meanwhile, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator is not far behind because those who are certified with this certification are best kept as system administrators that can oversee all of the work done through cloud computing. It is more of a management job in relation to the system operations of a company’s cloud computing.

Those with AWS Certified Solutions Architect are also highly in demand in the job market right now because these are the ones who are experts at developing and designing apps using the AWS platform.


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