Best Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive

Best Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive

Best Thunderbolt 3 External Hard Drive 

Nowadays computers and other electronic devices make it much easier to obtain and maintain a huge amount of information that is kept in documents and files. Everyone is able to store them inside the laptop as long as they would like. 

However, there are people who have to deal with tons of documents and transfer them between different devices. The internal storage of the computer can be small for storing a big number of files, therefore it was necessary to invent some kind of external device with a lot of space and the ability to transfer documents quickly. 

There are several different types of external devices and you should select the appropriate one depending on the operating system.

If you use a PC then we recommend going for the USB connection, but when you need to store documents from a MAC or another Apple device then you should definitely look for Thunderbolt external hard drives.

Introduction to the Thunderbolt Hardware

First of all, we would like to define what Thunderbolt means. It is a hardware interface with a lot of features and it’s capable of transferring huge files in a matter of minutes. In fact, the speed of transfer can reach up to 40 GB per second. As you can see, it is the most convenient way to store and transfer a big number of documents between devices 

Thunderbolt external hard drive is an Intel product that first appeared in 2011 and quickly gained the attention of technology developers. It went through three periods of growth and today we have the third generation of this port, as the name says. 

As we have already noted, it contains a lot of features and it can be used for various intentions. The first attribute of the Thunderbolt 3 is a daisy chain. It is able to connect multiple devices to a single port and it allows adding dual monitors. This hard drive can daisy chain up to 6 devices.

Secondly, it is able to charge the device through the connections and deliver up to 100 Watts power. This means the reduces plugged cables in your laptop, as the one port can provide both storage and power to your device. As a result, you will get some good-looking setups.

In this article, we would like to provide detailed information regarding some of the best Thunderbolt 3 external hard drives and give you a proper idea of which one is the best for you. Let’s start!

The Best External Drives for the Thunderbolt 3

1. Samsung Portable SSD X5

We have chosen the Samsung Portable SSD X5 to be the best Thunderbolt 3 solid-state drive. There are several reasons behind it and we would like to review this product and describe its characteristics.  

 We want to start with a durable and compact design. It features a glossy top and non-slip bottom mat that is capable of withstanding drops up to several meters, so you don’t need to worry about accidental slips. Inside the SSD we will see Dynamic Thermal Guard technology that helps to regulate the temperature and optimize the performance. 

It is the first portable SSD combining with NVMe that contains Thunderbolt 3 technology. As a result, you will get a very high speed to transfer documents – 40 GB of data per second. 

 The X5 SSD provides reliable protection via AES 256-bit encryption. It will securely protect your private information and it is an optional feature meaning that you can decide whether to use it or not.  

 When it comes to performance, it contains extremely fast read and write speeds – 2,800/2,300 MB per second. It is very fast compared to the Portable SSD with SATA and external HDD, and it is able to transfer 4K and 8K videos in a couple of seconds.  

 In my experience, this is the best Thunderbolt 3 external hard drive due to the above-mentioned reasons. I can assure you it will provide every necessary feature required by professional workers and it will guarantee the highest quality. 

When I first purchased this 5X SSD I was really impressed by how fast it was able to operate with very large-sized documents and high-quality videos. It can transfer 20GB 4K video from your computer to the X5 in just 12 seconds. This is the highest speed any Thunderbolt 3 external hard drive can achieve. 

 I found the portable and sturdy design as one of the most attractive attributes of this SSD. Besides being an extremely elegant tool, it contains a non-slip bottom that will protect it from accidental drops. Therefore, it is not one of those cheap products that will break apart with one little slip. 

In conclusion, we would definitely recommend this premium Thunderbolt 3 external hard drive as it offers the best quality of performance and it will absolutely meet every professional’s requirements.  

Here is the link to this product –

2. Plugable Thunderbolt 3 External NVMe SSD

We would like to continue our list with a pluggable Thunderbolt 3 external SSD that is one of the best budget options on the market. It may not be as strong as the above-mentioned product, but it provides a high quality of performance as well.  

When it comes to speed, this external SSD contains up to 2,400 MB/s read and 1,800 MB/s write speeds with 2 TB of storage. It is also able to transfer documents with a 40GB/s speed. It is one of the most convenient options for high-performance users and creators. 

It can be a perfect tool for the majority of creators including gamers who want high-performance external utilities and IT developers who are willing to operate with the virtual machines at the highest speeds.  

As for the design, it features a durable and secure body that is made entirely of metal. It helps to keep the SSD cool and at the same time protect your data from damages. You will not have to worry about losing your private information. The compact size makes it possible to carry the SSD with your pocket and it also provides a carrying bag in order to protect it from scratches. 

 It is extremely easy to use with any Thunderbolt 3 system and it does not require any external power as it is bus-powered with a single Thunderbolt 3 port. It can be used for both PC and Mac.

When I first interacted with the pluggable Thunderbolt 3 external SSD, I was surprised how easily I could carry it with me everywhere. The compact size and flexible design give you the opportunity to take it anywhere even with your pockets and don’t worry about any scratches. 

This hard drive provides enough storage for every kind of document. I was able to store and transfer extremely quickly not just simple documents but high-resolution videos and movies as well. Therefore, every professional who is looking for a high quality of performance should consider this SSD.

The slight downside might be the lack of drop resistance and waterproof design. So, be careful and try not to drop it in the water or anywhere. 

Check out the link to this product if you want to purchase it, as we have already said you will not regret buying this pluggable Thunderbolt 3 external SSD. 

3. G-Technology G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3

We would like to continue our list with this G-Raid hard drive that features not only Thunderbolt 3 and USB ports but also HDMI connectivity in order to ensure flexible procedures.  

Considering its characteristics, it is believed to be made especially for the editing industry and it can be found with different capacities including 8TB, 12TB, 16TB, and 20TB. As you can see you have a wide choice and you need to pick the appropriate one depending on your intentions. 

 You have the opportunity to store everything you wish and made one big library of pictures, videos, movies, songs, and other different documents.  

What we liked the most about this hard drive is that it gives you the possibility to daisy chain up to 5 additional devices with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and stay connected to 4K displays and multiple drives.  

 We want to also mention that it provides a reliable Enterprise-class 7200 RPM hard drive that will help you to operate smoothly with a lot of documents as you can rely on the power and lasting reliability of it.  

 It is not as fast in terms of transfers compared to the above-mentioned products, but it provides enough speed to carry out processes without any problems. The USB cable is only able to transfer files at the speed of 20 GB per second. However, when I used this hard drive, I have to say that it worked for me perfectly without any obstacles. 

 We would like to highlight some minor drawbacks as well. It contains a small incorporated fan that helps the unit not to overheat or get any damages. Although it is a very small one, it is a bit loud as many customers have mentioned and they can do nothing to fix it. 

 Another downside for the majority of people is the price. It is a bit expensive compared to other products, but considering every characteristic of this hard drive I want to emphasize that it is worth every cent and I never regret the decision of buying this external hard drive.  

 If you are looking for an SSD capable of storing and transferring extremely large files, then you should definitely check out the link to this product! 

4. LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C Portable Hard Drive

This hard drive stands out on our list with its orange-colored body and it is a very convenient device to carry around. You will never have a hard time finding this hard drive due to its shining color.

Lacie Thunderbolt hard drive provides a capacity of 5 TB which means you are able to store loads of documents safely. However, what I did not particularly enjoy was the speed of transferring as it can reach no more than 130 MB per second, which is not that good compared to the products mentioned above.

On the other hand, what I find extremely useful is its water and drop resistant abilities. This means you can take it anywhere without any worries of damaging the hard drive. So, feel free to explore any kind of place and carry it with you in order to store the high-resolution pictures and videos.

I have to note that the company offers a three-year limited warranty and it also includes a one-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan which I personally found very exciting as I was able to access all kinds of editing apps. 

One more attractive feature of this product is the price. It is appealing for every model of Lacie hard drive and a lot of people are able to afford it. So, if you can’t afford hard drives with a lot more storage and a higher speed, it is the most convenient option for you!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a physically strong hard drive that is able to withstand drops, dust, and water and provide a lot of space, then this is for you! Check out the link to the product below.

5. Patriot EVLVR Thunderbolt 3 External SSD

The Patriot ELVLR was considered one of the most promising hard drives on the market and it is hard to say if it has justified this statement. You can evaluate this by seeing the characteristics of this product below.

We would like to start with the storage. Like the other companies, the Patriot also decided to manufacture three types of hard drives – 256GB, 512GB, and 1 TB. Our recommendation would be to go for the 1 TB hard drive as it can store a lot more documents and it is worth paying a bit more to get more comfortable.

As for the speed, the Patriot EVLVR provides both PCle and Thunderbolt 3 technology and it can reach up to 1,600 MB/s read and 1,000 MB/s write data transfer speeds. We can emphasize that this is the standard speed for these types of products and I personally enjoyed operating with this hard drive a lot.

It has to be said that the company conducted an endurance test to see how long do their products last. It turned out that EVLVR 256GB can sustain up to 600 TB of write data. So, when it reaches a certain limit it will not break apart.

The company also offers a two-year warranty to buyers and we want to highlight, that even though it is not the largest and fastest one, it still provides one of the best qualities of performance and you can purchase it at a reasonable price.

However, the slight downside of this hard drive is that when it reaches the maximum temperature of 70 degrees it is starting to slow down a bit. 

If you want to enjoy this device, then check the link below!


In this article, we have talked about one of the most important devices in the technology world. As we have already mentioned, the internal storage of computers does not provide enough space for large-sized documents, so it is necessary to use some kind of external hard drive. 

 Thunderbolt 3 was invented for this particular intention by Intel in 2011 and it quickly became popular among tech developers. It has to be noted that this hard drive only works for Intel processors and it is the best option for Mac and other Apple products. 

 The Thunderbolt 3 external hard drive contains a lot of useful features and it provides enormous space and a high speed in order to smoothly operate with high-resolution pictures, videos, and different files. 

We have made a list of 5 different Thunderbolt 3 hard drives and described their characteristics thoroughly. As we have noted, the first one is the best external SSD in our opinion as it provides the highest quality in terms of speed and storage. 

The second one is a budget option with a lot of beneficial attributes as well and the most attractive one is its compact size as you can carry it everywhere with your pockets. 

The rest three are also extremely convenient options for the majority of people. Every one of them has its own unique characteristics and you should carefully consider your requirements in order to choose the most appropriate one.  

We hope this article was informative enough to give you an idea of Thunderbolt hard drives and help you to select the best device for you!

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