How To Renew The Encryption Key On A PS3 Without The Internet?

How To Renew The Encryption Key On A PS3 Without The Internet?

How To Renew The Encryption Key On A PS3 Without The Internet?

Like any typical day, you open up your PS3 to play a movie, but today you can’t play it. After searching google and calling the PlayStation helpline, you find out that your encryption key expired. An Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Encryption Key is a technology used on Blu-ray movies or anything related to Blu-ray for copyright protection. It expires within 12 to 18 months and so must be renewed again.

How Do I Renew The Encryption Key On A PS3 Without The Internet? 

PS3 has a built-in feature that allows it to block PlayStation store access. This is mainly used when you need to send your PS3 in for repair and don’t want them to mess with it by accident. The encryption key is also used after specific updates. I think that the PSN update might have required it. 

It’s important to know that without an internet connection available, your console won’t be able to update the keys anymore either. That means that eventually, they will expire, and you’ll no longer be able to sign normal applications (homebrew included).


  • 2 PS3’s (you can use an emulator for this as well)
  • FTP software (if you’re using a Windows PC)
  • Sony update files: LEV_30R.PUP and LDR-bootldr-installer-v1.20-LEV_30R.PUP
  • A game signed with the new key (use an exploit game, for example, GTA San Andreas)

Overall Process

The process is still possible without access to the internet, provided you find another way of obtaining an official Sony firmware (any version other than 3.56 will do).

  • You should download it and store it on the USB drive, then transfer the file to your PS3 during the process.
  • The next step is to create a folder named CUSA00001 and copy all your games in that folder. 

Note: Make sure you don’t place them in another folder, or your games won’t work anymore.

  • The next step is to choose an exploit that allows you to run unsigned code on your console. You will need both the web browser exploits and the USB drive access one. 
  • The guide also explains how you can use a second memory stick with games if you want, but it’s not necessary. 
  • Once you have the files on the hard drive, you will have to restart your console. 
  • You can now launch the exploit, which should load into your XMB menu.
  • Once the code is loaded in memory, run the web browser exploit again. 
  • The homebrew browser should launch now. It’s now time to transfer all .pkg files from the USB drive to PS3 via the browser.
  • You should now copy the needed files onto the root of your memory stick (all games in one folder, all applications in another). Make sure you don’t place them in another folder, or your games won’t work anymore.

Note: If you lack space on your USB drive, several methods can be used to free it up. Be wary when following such guides, though, as you might accidentally delete your games or homebrew applications.


  1. Download the official sony update files LEV_30R.PUP and LDR-bootldr-installer-v1.20-LEV_30R.PUP from the internet and save them on your USB drive.
  2. Create a folder named CUSA00001 in XMB > Game > USRDIR (not available in all games)
  3. Transfer all your signed games/apps to that folder via the browser exploit
  4. Now transfer LEV_30R.PUP and LDR-bootldr-installer-v1.20-LEV_30R.PUP from your USB drive to your PS3 via the browser exploit
  5. Restart your console and launch the web browser exploit again. This will load a backup of the original OS.
  6. Once you’re in XMB, run the web browser exploit again.
  7. The homebrew browser should launch now, browse the USB drive via the browser, and copy LEV_30R.PUP.
  8. Once transferred, navigate to XMB > Game > Usb Drive (not available in all games) and run LEV_30R .PUP
  9. This will reinstall the original encryption key, restart your console, and you’re done.


  • You don’t need a backup of your consoleID, as you can generate your own (with the help of an exploited console).
  • It will not block all PSN functions on your console!
  • You will be able to play all your signed homebrew files without updating your keys. 
  • You can also test signed homebrew to see if it works on your console.

Encryption Key In Games

There is a controversy going on about the encryption key used to sign PSP games. It’s been found that some people could modify their console ID and use it to sign pirated games. 

Sony was supposed to have fixed this issue in a new version of the XMB menu, but not everyone received the update yet. There have been suggestions to block pcsx2 from being able to connect.


The encryption key is used to sign both PS3 games and homebrew applications. The primary use is to show how you can renew the PS3 game-signing keys without having an active internet connection available. 

It does not allow piracy, but it can come in very handy for homebrew developers who need to test their software on a console without an Internet connection.

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